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Establishment Favors Criminals

Friday, January 14, 2022

Establishment Favors Criminals

In Minnesota, we have a crime problem. Both 2020 and 2021 set records for violent crime in our state, and things are not getting better. We have seen our streets overrun with rioters, arsonists, and those who want nothing more than to cause destruction. Despite this dire situation, our government is spending its time making things easier for criminals.

Yesterday, the Minnesota Sentencing Guidelines Commission (MSGC) was preparing to vote on a measure that would have prevented judges from considering a criminal’s probation status during sentencing. If this measure were to pass, then probation violators and repeat offenders would receive a sentence that is far too lenient.

Fortunately, the good people of Minnesota voiced their strong opposition to this policy. During the public comment period, 3,562 people submitted their thoughts. Of these 3,562 comments, 3,353 were opposed to this policy. As a result of the overwhelming opposition to this policy, the MSGC decided to postpone their vote at the last minute.

The people of Minnesota know foolish policy when they see it, and the MSGC’s attempt to make life easier for criminals was rightfully called out. For me though, it says a lot that we have arrived at a place where our leaders are openly siding with criminals. The MSGC and the appointees that Governor Tim Walz put there do not care how their policies might harm good people just trying to live their lives.

Governor Walz and his allies are giving criminals an open invitation to continue victimizing the people of Minnesota. If government is enacting pro-crime policies and refusing to punish criminals, then why would any criminal stop what they are doing? I’m on the side of hardworking, decent families, but the system seems to be on the side of dangerous criminals.

This insanity needs to end now. The time is long past due to root out crime, not provide a shelter for it.

Federal Vaccine Mandate Blocked

Yesterday, the U.S. Supreme Court officially blocked the Biden vaccine mandate for large businesses. Before this mandate was blocked, any business with more than 100 employees would be required to mandate vaccination for their workers. Now that the mandate is gone, over 80 million Americans will no longer be forced to decide between their medical freedom and their livelihood.

This 6-3 decision by our nation’s highest court was monumental, and I am thrilled that they intervened and stopped this mandate. There’s no doubt that the conservative majority on the Supreme Court saved us yesterday. Without them, I cannot imagine where we would be.

However, the Supreme Court did not eliminate all federal vaccine mandates. Unfortunately, the vaccine mandate on healthcare workers was allowed to remain; and vaccine mandates are still in effect for federal employees and our military. While many were able to escape from the long arm of our federal government yesterday, there are still millions who are being forced to submit to these tyrannical policies.

At some point we must acknowledge that we are being led by a president that has lied to us repeatedly. I still remember when Joe Biden was telling us that there would be no vaccine mandates whatsoever. Now, he and the massive bureaucracy he controls spend every waking hour trying to force you to take a vaccine.

Why do we do this to ourselves? Why do we subject ourselves to this insanity? Our elected leaders are trying to enforce abusive policies on us, yet we seem to tolerate it without much resistance. We should not have to beg for freedom from those in power, freedom is ours; it is our birthright as Americans. We must all remember this.

Tim Miller