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Thursday, January 13, 2022


RELEASE DATE: 1/13/22 


St. Paul – Today, the Minnesota Sentencing Guidelines Commission (MSGC) will vote on whether repeat criminal offenders should have reduced sentences. Specifically, the commission will determine whether judges should consider an offender’s probation status when that offender is being sentenced. 

In a 6-4 preliminary vote in November, the commission voted for judges to no longer consider an offender’s probation status. The official vote will take place today at 1:00pm. Representative Tim Miller (R-Prinsburg) offered his reaction. 

“If judges cannot consider an offender’s probation status during sentencing, then dangerous repeat offenders will be given lenient sentences that put us in jeopardy,” said Rep. Miller. “The probation system is designed to give judges more tools to fairly hand out punishment. If the MSGC votes to move forward with this policy change, then they will effectively nullify the entire probation system in Minnesota. I’m alarmed by the pro-crime actions of the MSGC and the appointees who were put there by Governor Tim Walz.” 

During the public comment period for this potential policy change, Minnesotans overwhelmingly opposed leniency for criminals. The Pioneer Press reported that of the 3,562 public comments submitted, 3,353 opposed this policy change. 

“Once again, our government decides to give special treatment to criminals while crushing good, hardworking people,” said Rep. Miller. “Governor Walz and his appointees on the MSGC do not care if our streets are overrun with crime and violence. After all, they are safe in their gated communities and ivory towers. Is this surprising? No, this is how progressives always operate. They force unpopular, unwanted policy on the people. If we fight back or express our anger in any way, then the progressive elites just lecture us about how we are uncaring, unreasonable people. This is not leadership. This is coercive, manipulative abuse by those in power.” 

Rep. Miller concluded, “Minnesotans know what common sense is, and they know that this policy change is a nightmare. Instead of disastrous policies like this one, Minnesota needs to adopt the Minnesota Rehabilitation and Reinvestment Act. On an individualized basis, this legislation would judge criminals by the crime they have committed, how they spend their time, and what steps they are taking to change. Using this formula on a case-by-case basis will produce just outcomes that are appropriate and keep our communities safe.”