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Friday, March 12, 2021

One Year of Emergency Powers

This weekend will mark one year since Governor Tim Walz declared a peacetime emergency related to COVID-19. The last twelve months have brought unforeseen challenges to so many of us. This pandemic has caused disappointment, frustration, exhaustion, and heartbreak. Sadly, the unilateral actions of Governor Walz have only added to the difficulties we have faced.

For a year, Governor Walz has used his emergency powers to control all of state government. The Governor has shut down businesses, prevented people from working, kept loved ones from seeing each other, and imposed unconstitutional mandates. The emergency powers give him the ability to circumvent the Minnesota Legislature and essentially prevent elected legislators from voting on these issues.

The Minnesota Legislature is supposed to be the voice of the people. However, Governor Walz’s decision to disregard elected legislators has prevented your voice from being heard in state government.

Here is a full timeline of the decisions Governor Walz has made in the last year.


So many of you have contacted me in the last year. I have heard about how the Governor’s orders have harmed your families and your businesses. The Governor’s actions are unacceptable to me. In the last year, I have consistently voted to end the emergency powers and allow legislators to be a part of the decision-making process. Unfortunately, the Democrat majority in the Minnesota House has repeatedly voted to let Governor Walz continue controlling all of state government.

One individual must not have this much control. Our founders intentionally wrote a constitution with three coequal branches of government. The degradation of the Minnesota Legislature has consequences, and we have seen the devastating problems that have occurred when one person rules without proper checks and balances.

Taxes on PPP Loans

Under current Minnesota law, businesses that received loans from the paycheck protection program (PPP) will be taxed for those loans. I do not believe businesses should be taxed for the PPP funds that they received. As such, I joined with several colleagues of mine to try and pass a bill that would exclude PPP loans from being taxable income.

We should be supporting Minnesota businesses, not subjecting them to more taxes. The Minnesota Senate has passed a bill that would prevent PPP loans from being taxed. I was hopeful that the Minnesota House of Representatives could pass a similar bill before the corporate tax deadline of March 15.

Unfortunately, we could not get enough support from legislators in the Minnesota House of Representatives to pass the bill. I wanted to get this done before March 15. Frankly, I am beyond frustrated that so many legislators in the Minnesota House of Representatives were not more eager to help businesses across the state.

Please see the below video for my full remarks regarding taxes on PPP Loans.

Rep. Tim Miller - 3.10.21


“Just the Pill” Mobile Unit Seen in Western Minnesota 

Rep. Tim Miller - 3.12.21


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