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Monday, November 25, 2019

Dear Neighbor,

As we approach the Thanksgiving Holiday, it’s a perfect opportunity to take stock of the many blessings we enjoy here in Minnesota and this Great Country. Linda and I wish your and yours a happy Thanksgiving.

Last week I was in St. Paul consulting with fellow House colleagues on several important topics including insulin accessibility. We have made progress. In several areas the detailed legislation that was drafted earlier this year and remains under discussion has been over taken by recent changes with respect to insulin availability.

Most importantly: Please do not attempt to modify or ration insulin prescriptions. Contact your doctor immediately if you are having difficulty.

For those with individuals with health insurance, since a bright light has been shone on insulin accessibility issues, Minnesota’s health insurers have taken steps on their own to reduce insulin costs to their clients.

Starting in 2020, Minnesotans enrolled in the individual health insurance market and many with insurance through their employer will have access to insulin for – at the most – a $25 copay.

Going forward, individuals dealing with diabetes that have health insurance should have improved access to insulin, whether it be through their employer, the individual insurance market, government medical assistance or MNCare.

For those individuals that do not have health insurance the major insulin manufacturers, Eli Lilly, Nordisk, and Sanofi each have programs providing free insulin. The programs are similar, with the following general eligibility requirements:

  • Must be a legal U.S. citizen or resident.
  • Must not have private health insurance, or be enrolled in medical assistance, MNCare, Medicare or be eligible for VA health benefits.
  • Have a household income of less than 400 percent of the Federal Poverty Guidelines.
  • $48,560 for a single person
  • $100,400 for a family of four

Individuals meeting these requirements may qualify for up to a 1-year free supply of insulin. These manufacturers also have additional reduced cost programs for those with insurance coverage. More information can be found as follows:

It’s important that everyone dealing with diabetes be aware of these recent changes. I am not ready to accept that we don’t have more to do in this area, however progress is being made. 

Again, please do not attempt to adjust your insulin prescription on your own and, if you can’t afford insulin, please speak with your health care provider and/or your doctor to see what help may be available.



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