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Legislative update

Friday, April 05, 2019

Dear Neighbor,

I am sending my update this morning, but we are not yet done in the House this week. Normally, members spend Fridays back home our districts, but today we begin a floor debate that may run into Saturday. The question is the creation of a new special driver’s license and state ID card for undocumented immigrants.

Current law does not allow the DMV to issue drivers licenses to undocumented immigrants. I have major concerns with this measure as it could turn Minnesota into a sanctuary state overnight. More to follow on this item once I have heard all the pros and cons.

We did move seven bills forward this week. HF2276 was adopted 120-7. I supported the bill, which will restrict the use of Trichloroethylene commonly referred to TCE beginning Jan. 1, 2020. The chemical is used as a solvent and presents a serious risk of kidney, central nervous system damage and is harmful to the unborn.

SF131 passed 130-0. The bill requires more transparency on health care billing. SF584 also passed 130-0. It clarifies current statutory language on when a health care professional’s license is due for renewal. This item was in one of the bills the governor vetoed last year.

HF1997 passed 120-10, it extends Hennepin County’s job order contracting authority for another 5 years. HF554 passed 130-0. In certain circumstances a parent would be allowed to petition the court for reestablishment of the legal parent-child relationship. Currently, only county attorneys may petition the court to reestablish that relationship.

Two bills did pass that I did not support. HF495 went to the senate for action on a 71-53 vote. The bill significantly restricts the terms tenants and landlords can agree to in housing rental and lease contracts. My concern was that landlords will eventually charge higher rents because of government mandated non-negotiable vacating notice time frames and other important rental agreement items that today are negotiated between the landlord and tenant.

HF2265 moved forward on a 73-54 vote. It would weaken standards that currently disqualify individuals with serious criminal convictions from being licensed by the Department of Health to provide non-emergency medical transportation services. My concern was the types of crimes that could be set aside were much too broad. We should be a bit more cautious in this area and protect those that may be vulnerable.

Enjoy the weekend and please be safe.



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