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Results from my legislative survey

Tuesday, March 05, 2019
Dear Neighbor,
Thank you to all that participated in the online legislative survey. This information is another source of input that goes along with the many phone calls, emails, letters and office visits that are part of staying abreast of what is important to the citizens of our district.
The results generally mirror those day-to-day interactions with the people I serve in Aitkin and Crow Wing counties. There were no real surprises in results of the survey, but it does provide a bit of metric to the broad range of advice I receive on the many issues we face. I greatly appreciated the many additional narrative comments a number of participants provided, adding more context on why they felt a specific way on a particular question.
Thanks again for the feedback. The complete results are provided below. Keep the input coming, I will do my best to translate that into common sense action down here in St. Paul.
1. Should Minnesota legalize the recreational use of marijuana?
  1. Yes, 35%
  2. No, 65%
2. Gov. Tim Walz has proposed significantly raising the state’s gas tax. Which approach do you favor to pay for road and bridge repairs?
  1. Continue to use both existing gas tax revenue and revenue from auto parts sales taxes (we already pay) for road and bridge, 70%
  2. Major increase in the gas tax, 18%
  3. Do nothing; leave existing road and bridge related taxes alone, 12%
3. Last session, the Minnesota Legislature directed a significant portion of the existing auto parts and repair sales taxes that vehicle owners already pay to be used to fund road and bridge repairs. Would you support a constitutional amendment permanently directing those funds to roads and bridges?
  1. Yes, 63%
  2. No, 37%
4. After a detailed environmental review process and extensive public hearings, the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission approved replacing the aging Enbridge Line 3 oil pipeline and the route the replacement will follow. The pipeline replacement project stretches across northern Minnesota, including significant portions of our legislative district. Should Gov. Walz continue to allow the Minnesota Department of Commerce to use court actions to try to stop replacement of the pipeline?
  1. Yes, 20%
  2. No, 80%
5. When the Dakota Access Pipeline was constructed a few years ago, major public safety issues occurred involving protest demonstrations, as construction equipment and materials were damaged and a huge environmental mess was left behind by the demonstrators. How do we best deal with protests that may occur during the replacement of Enbridge Line 3 in our area?
  1. Strictly enforce the laws that govern public protests, trespass, sanitary conditions and making terrorist threats, 87%
  2. Allow protesters wide latitude to demonstrate as they see fit, including assembling on public roads, public lands, as well as building encampments on public lands, 13%
6. The cost of health care and health insurance continues to increase annually and remains a major issue for both Minnesota and our nation. Who do you believe is best equipped to hold down health care costs?
  1. Continue some federal involvement, but allow states much more latitude, 47%
  2. Individual states, without any further federal interference, 42%
  3. The federal government should dictate all healthcare policy from the national level, 10%
7. MNCare insurance reimbursement rates paid to doctors and hospitals for the medical services they provide to patients are generally lower the rates paid to private insurers. If MNCare were expanded, these lower rates could force some doctors and hospitals to close their doors. Should Minnesota expand MNCare under those circumstances?
  1. Yes, 29%
  2. No, 71%
8. Currently, all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) are banned from entering state parks. ATV drivers are required to park ATVs outside state parks and walk in to use public facilities. Should ATV drivers be able to use state park entry roads and parking lots for limited purposes such as to access drinking water, public restrooms and picnic facilities?
  1. Yes, 71%
  2. No, 29%
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