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Rep. Eric Lucero (30B) - Legislative Update

Friday, February 27, 2015

Dear Neighbor,

The state's February economic forecast, universal pre-K, and my Veterans Firearms Bill are among the topics of this week.

February Forecast Released

The state received the much-anticipated economic forecast update from Minnesota Management & Budget this week. The forecast projects a $1.9 billion surplus. This forecast is key because the budget forecast becomes the basis for determining spending priorities in the next two-year state budget.

The budget surplus is the result of over taxation from hard working Minnesotans. Despite a budget surplus, Governor Dayton and the Democrats still believe Minnesotans are not paying enough. While staring a budget surplus square in the face, Democrats are still demanding more and more tax increases.

It is clear hard working Minnesota families and businesses are being crushed with over taxation. I am working to ensure Minnesota government lives within its means while funding our true priorities, equity in education and roads and bridges.


According to a KSTP poll released this week:

  • 70 percent of Minnesotans oppose Governor Dayton's out-of-touch $800,000 salary increases for his agency executives
  • 74 percent stated pay raises should return to requiring legislative approval, as was the case before the DFL controlled legislature removed the accountability two years ago
  • 75 percent of Minnesotans favor the Republican transportation funding plan (House File 4), which puts real dollars into roads and bridges right now without increasing taxes on hard working Minnesotans
  • Only 43 percent of Minnesotans favor Governor Dayton's transportation plan of increased taxes on gas, higher vehicle tab fees, and raising the metro area sales tax, all of which will continue to crush the backs of hard working Minnesotans, businesses, and job creators



I was invited guest speaker to the South Metro Tea Party to give a presentation on digital data privacy. I spoke to a large crowd regarding the threat to liberty posed by government using technology to intrude into our private lives. Government intrusion into our digital privacy is not a partisan issue and I am doing what I can to get the word out regarding the government digital privacy intrusions via health care and our medical records, schools and our children, law enforcement and our law abiding activities, etc. The audience was very engaged and asked good questions.

Committee Activity Highlights


HF 46 is a Democrat goal seeking to create universal all-day preschool. Universal all-day preschool is also known as Universal Pre-K. HF 46 was heard in the Education Innovation Policy Committee and was voted down. I am 100% opposed to the push for Universal Pre-K and I voted against the bill.

Among those who came down to the Capital to testify against the bill was Hollee Saville from Saint Michael, an expert in the areas of preschool and childcare. Ms. Saville is fighting for the best interest of children and is among the very concerned parents from our area sounding the alarm to protect our children.

Like Common Core and the unionization of daycare providers, Universal Pre-K is yet another initiative which will result in the exact opposite it purports to accomplish. These initiatives will result in further erosion of parental influence over their children and replaced with greater government control.


I am the chief author of HF 767 which seeks to Veterans exempted from firearms safety certificate requirement. Elmer Eichelberg and Allen Lund, both from Saint Michael, were among those who came to the Capital to testify in favor of my bill.

My bill is part of the "Saluting Service" package, three House/Senate bills aimed at providing veterans increased opportunities to live and work in Minnesota by targeting tax relief, expanding employment opportunities, and strengthening 2nd amendment rights. My bill will allow returning military members and recently-retired veterans who have completed basic training to hunt without obtaining a firearms safety certificate. Current law exempts only those on active duty from obtaining a hunting license without a firearms safety certificate.

Other Bill Activity Highlights


Have you ever been asked for your driver's license by the cashier at the check out register whereby you turned your license over so the cashier can run the magnetic strip through their machine? Have you ever wondered if the machine is capturing your private information from that magnetic strip? If your private information is being captured by those machines at the cash register and if the retailor is storing your private information, have you ever wondered if you are at risk of identity theft if the retailer's computer systems are breached? I have. I am the chief author of HF 1143, which seeks to ensure retailors are prevented from collecting and storing your private information from the magnetic strip on your driver's license.

Among the bills I co-authored:

  • HF 1061 – Provides safe harbor funding for sexually exploited youth.
  • HF 1176 – Provides tax relief to charitable non-profit organizations.
  • HF 1194 - Search warrant required for use of unmanned aerial vehicles, and law enforcement required to secure search warrant to receive electronic device location information (GPS).
  • HF 1198 - Search warrant required before obtaining personal identifying information (PII) on an individual.
  • HF 1213 – Requires successfully passing a drug test before participating in workforce development and employment training programs.

Eric Lucero
State Representative
District 30B
Albertville, Hanover, Otsego, Saint Michael, and the Wright County portion of Dayton

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