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Merry Christmas and a MUCH BETTER New Year !!

Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Legislative update from Rep. Eric Lucero

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

I wish you blessings, fun, and safe travels this holiday season as we remember the great words of the prophet Isaiah “For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given” while celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ.

2020 has been a crushing year for many individuals, families, and businesses across our great community and state, but I’m absolutely committed to continuing the fight in the ongoing battle for truth, our values and principles, the Constitution, and the future of our great Republic! I’ve included several pictures below recapping just a handful of the events and activities I participated in throughout 2020.

I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a MUCH, MUCH, MUCH happier New Year in 2021!

Lucero 1

Rep. Lucero proudly joining several thousand people on the MN Capitol steps fighting for the truth of life in the womb at the annual MCCL March for Life rally!

Lucero 20

Rep. Lucero holding a measuring tape to maintain a six-foot distance while visiting with a group protesting at the Capitol.

Lucero 2

Rep. Lucero congratulating the Albertville Primary School CHARACTER COUNTS January recipients! RESPONSIBILITY was the focus in January where students learned how they can be responsible at school, home, and in the community.

Lucero 3

Rep. Lucero attending the Wright County Sheriff's Breakfast where Sheriff Deringer presented a $14,000 check to Rivers of Hope of funds the Sheriff's Department had raised for advocacy and support services for victims of domestic violence.

Lucero 4

Rep. Lucero joined by Sen. Mary Kiffmeyer answering questions at a legislative preview event hosted by the Elk River Area Chamber of Commerce.

Lucero 5

Rep. Lucero participating on a session priorities panel at Mitchell-Hamline in Saint Paul.

Lucero 6

Rep. Lucero joining legislative colleagues in Rogers for an I-94 Corridor Coalition roads & bridges transportation breakfast.

Lucero 7

As a STRONG supporter and defender of the Jewish People and their God ordained homeland Israel with an undivided Jerusalem as their Capitol, Rep. Lucero was honored to be invited to participate in an Israel Town Hall event at the University of Minnesota hosted by Students Supporting Israel.

Lucero 8

Rep. Lucero is a staunch defender of parental authority, religious liberty, and informed consent, and spoke at a rally in the MN Capitol Rotunda packed shoulder-to-shoulder with parents from across our great state fighting to stop those seeking to usurp parental authority to be replaced with government values and mandates!

Lucero 9

Rep. Lucero with U of M college students who testified in the House Judiciary Committee in favor of Rep. Lucero’s bill seeking to prevent state colleges and universities from location tracking students while on campus.

Lucero 10

Rep. Lucero with entrepreneur and Otsego constituent Amy who came to the Capitol to advocate against state government increasing the costs of doing business in MN.

Lucero 11

Rep. Lucero being interviewed on a round table show as he explains Republican legislative priorities.

Lucero 12

Rep. Lucero proudly standing up to be counted in the fight for our God given, Constitutional, 2nd Amendment rights on the House Floor against terrible gun control bills!

Lucero 13

Rep. Lucero with Otsego constituent Alison and St. Michael constituent Maddy Wednesday during their visit to the Capitol. Alison is active in the Distributive Education Clubs of America (DECA) organization and Maddy is active in the Minnesota Business Professionals of America organization. The focus of both career and technical student organizations is to advance educational opportunities and instill collaborative skills for the next generation of leaders.

Lucero 14

Rep. Lucero meeting with and speaking to a large gathering of constituents in St. Michael.

Lucero 15

Rep. Lucero visiting with pro 2nd Amendment constituents, friends, and activists during the 2020 Gun Owners Lobby Day at the Capitol.

Lucero 16

Rep. Lucero was joined by Pastors Levi and Marty to give a copy of Scripture and pray. Rep. Lucero is extremely humbled and grateful for everybody's continued prayers as we remember we wrestle not against flesh and blood in the battle for truth.

Lucero 17

Rep. Lucero speaking to a large group of parents and children at the MÂCHÉ Day at the Capitol event in the Capitol Rotunda hosted by Minnesota Association of Christian Home Educators (MACHE)! Rep. Lucero is a strong defender of parental authority, religious liberty, and choice in education!!

Lucero 18

Several dozen seniors from an area high school visited the Capitol and broke up into small groups to visit any legislator of their choice. Pro Second Amendment High Schoolers Danny, Mitchell, Andrey, and Riley chose to visit with Rep. Lucero to share their strong support for HF 280, Rep. Lucero’s bill seeking to permit trained school staff to carry firearms in schools! Moreover, the enlightened young men explained how they disagreed with "gun-free zone" signs because such signs advertise to evil-doers law-abiding citizens inside said buildings are disarmed.

Lucero 19

Rep. Lucero giving a presentation defending the Electoral College and the incredible wisdom of our Founding Fathers at an event he was invited to present at Hamline University hosted by Turning Point USA.

Lucero 19

Rep. Lucero speaking to a large crowd in Wright County about his commitment to continue fighting for truth, liberty, and our Constitutional values.

Lucero 21

Rep. Lucero speaking on the House Floor in April regarding a resolution he chief authored to terminate Gov. Walz’s abuse of emergency powers.

Lucero 21

Rep. Lucero speaking on the House Floor in May highlighting Gov. Walz’s hypocrisy that Planned Parenthood and booze were essential while Gov. Walz sought to close churches.

Lucero 22

Rep. Lucero was among the group of legislative colleagues who gathered on the MN Capitol steps during the National Day of Prayer to pray to our Creator.

Lucero 23

A video of Rep. Lucero fighting for religious liberty on the House Floor went viral with nearly 14,000 views on social media. A copy of the video can be viewed at the following link here.

Lucero 24

Rep. Lucero filmed a video describing the current Constitutional crisis Gov. Walz created. The video also went viral on social media with nearly 8,000 views. A copy of the video can be viewed at the following link here.

Lucero 25

Rep. Lucero was invited to appear on the television program Your Legislator along with Democrat State Rep. Kunesh-Podein to discuss the last week of the legislative session.

Lucero 26

Rep. Lucero invited to pre-record the keynote commencement address for the 2020 graduating class at Spectrum High School.  

Lucero 27

Rep. Lucero invited as a panelist at an event in South Saint Paul to discuss public safety in our local communities.

Lucero 29

While Democrats continue working hard to defund, dismantle, and disband the police, Rep. Lucero is proud to support our professional men and women in law enforcement who risk their lives every day to protect ours! 

Lucero 30

With many hurting and limited access to food and basic supplies in the aftermath of the riots in Minneapolis and Saint Paul, Rep. Lucero and Sen. Kiffmeyer hosted a collection drive in the Albertville Mall parking lot for people in our community to help those in need.

Lucero 31

After a tremendous outpouring from all across our great community of people giving thousands of dollars worth of food and basic supplies donations, Rep. Lucero and Sen. Kiffmeyer delivered two packed-full SUVs to Pastor Alethea Chaney gift cards to several Minneapolis pastors that were distributed to individuals and families in need. 

Lucero 32

In the aftermath of the riots, Rep. Lucero was among the group who showed up to support and tour several Hmong-owned small businesses along University Avenue in Saint Paul. The rioters and looters didn't merely destroy buildings but also the lives and livelihoods of innocent, hard-working immigrants. It was absolutely heartbreaking to hear the stories of the Hmong small business owners describe how they poured their life savings into their businesses just to have thieves target their businesses to be smashed, destroyed, and ransacked. Gov. Walz had forced their doors closed for months and now small businesses in the area must be boarded up. 

Lucero 33

State Reps. Eric Lucero and Mary Franson sat down with Rev. Tim Christopher in North Minneapolis to have a candid conversation about recent events and next steps. 

Lucero 34

As a Bible teacher, Rep. Lucero was invited back to Land of Promise Church in St. Michael Sunday to deliver a message as guest preacher.

Lucero 35

State Rep. Lucero with Sen. Kiffmeyer and others at an event.

Lucero 37

Rep. Lucero participating at the Prairie View Elementary ground breaking ceremony.

Lucero 38

Rep. Lucero organized an ALL LIVES MATTER RALLY in Albertville.

Lucero 40

Rep. Lucero invited to meet, speak, and answer questions in Maple Grove with members of the Slavic Community. An estimated nearly 40,000 first and second generation immigrants from the Slavic Community live in Minnesota after escaping the clutches of Communism and Socialism having fled Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Slovakia, Croatia, and other countries in the Soviet Iron Curtain where government abuse and oppression was the way of life.

Lucero 41

Rep. Lucero attending a listening session at the Dayton Mobile Park Association Community Meeting.

Lucero 42

Rep. Lucero attending the 2020 Saint Michael Parish Fall Festival.

Lucero 43

Rep. Lucero attending the Minnesota Family Council annual dinner and meeting Abby Johnson in person! Abby Johnson is the former Planned Parenthood clinic director turned pro-life crusader in which the movie "Unplanned" was based on her real-life story and testimony.

Lucero 44

Rep. Lucero attending the Options for Women - Cornerstone 8th Annual Harvest of Hope (at home) Gala.


Eric Lucero

State Representative

District 30B

Albertville, Hanover, Otsego, Saint Michael, and the Wright County portion of Dayton

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