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Video Gone Viral!

Friday, May 3, 2019

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

The clip I shared in last week’s email update of my speech on the House Floor against the Democrat attempt to give Planned Parenthood direct access to our children in the elementary school classroom went viral nationwide with nearly 700,000 views on Facebook thus far! Parents from many states around our great country are VERY ANGRY at the Democrat / Planned Parenthood goal seeking to corrupt the minds and rob the innocence of our children with Democrat / Planned Parenthood sexual filth.

This week, the Democrat majority in the MN House muscled through the remainder of their omnibus spending bills to fund state government for the next two years. The Democrat bills contain hundreds of provisions that will further strain hardworking Minnesota individuals, families, and businesses with crushing new tax increases and burdensome regulatory mandates.

Reps. Lucero and McDonald with Wright County resident Becky on the Capitol steps this week during the National Day of Prayer event!


Democrats passed their “unsafe communities” public safety bill this week which softens sentencing and penalties on criminals, moves Minnesota closer to the Democrat dream of harboring illegal immigrants by becoming a sanctuary state, disrespects our honorable law enforcement officers, and infringes on the Constitutional Rights of law-abiding gun owners. Democrats were forced to add gun control into the omnibus bill because Democrats don’t have enough votes to pass their wildly unpopular gun control provisions as stand-alone bills.

Rep. Lucero at an event last Saturday crossing paths with an activist seeking to stop the millions upon millions of dollars in confirmed waste, fraud, and abuse in the MN Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) which the Democrat majority refuses to fix.


The Democrat Transportation plan puts Minnesota in reverse and makes Minnesota one expensive place to drive. Staring the existing $1 billion budget surplus in the face, Democrats passed a 20 cent per gallon gas tax increase, another half-cent sales tax increase on those living in the 7-County metro area, a vehicle registration tax increase, and more. Minnesotans know important priorities like roads and bridges transportation can and should be funded without crushing taxpayers with more expensive taxes and fees.

In related transportation news, Gov. Walz this week announced the state should pull the plug on the troubled vehicle and license tab registration system known as MNLARS. Rather than purchase an off the shelf software system like many other states have done, the former Gov. Dayton administration decided Minnesota government employees would create custom written software from scratch.

After ten years and more than $100 million wasted taxpayer dollars later, Democrats FINALLY admit their MNLARS brainchild has been a complete disaster. Democrats have been forced to admit a private commercial software package is the best choice. It's estimated the new software package will cost another $60 -$75 million bringing the grand total spent on this ordeal to nearly $200 million taxpayer dollars!

Rep. Lucero visiting with college students this week during their Digital Ethics college course. Students were very engaged and asked great questions on the topics of data harvesting, drones and other government surveillance technologies, and several bills Rep. Lucero is chief author of including his Student Data Privacy bill and his Constitutional Amendment to extend 4th Amendment protections to digital data.


College tuition costs continue to soar but unfortunately the bill that passed fails to address the root causes of the skyrocketing costs of higher education. The bill includes a tuition freeze which is nothing more than a band-aid. Moreover, Democrats continue to drag their feet on fulfilling their constitutional duty to fill four expiring seats on the University of Minnesota’s Board of Regents. Failing to elect new Regents is a disservice to the University of Minnesota, but most importantly, a disservice to students and MN taxpayers who fund this institution with billions of dollars.

Rep. Lucero with Saint Michael constituent Brenda on the House Floor this week during her visit to the Capitol.


Each and every day I’m continuously humbled at the opportunity to represent and fight for the values and priorities of our great community!

Please contact me to share any issues, concerns, or feedback you have to assist me best represent you.  The best way to reach me is by email at Rep.Eric.Lucero@House.MN or by phone at 651-296-1534.

Eric Lucero

State Representative
District 30B
Albertville, Hanover, Otsego, Saint Michael, and the Wright County portion of Dayton

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