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Surplus / Mandatory Vaccines / Gun Control

Friday, March 1, 2019

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

The Minnesota Management and Budget Office this week announced total tax collection by state government is expected to exceed expenses by $1.052 billion through June 30 this year. The one billion-dollar projected surplus is a direct result of Minnesota's high taxes. Despite Minnesota’s already crushing taxes, Democrats led by Gov. Walz continue to demand more and more and more tax hikes such as increasing the gas tax by 20 cents per gallon and recreating the 2-percent tax on the backs of those who visit the doctor’s office because they are sick.

Rep. Lucero speaking to well over a thousand energetic people at the rally for health freedom in the Capitol Rotunda this week.


SF 1520 was recently introduced in the MN Senate which would eliminate parental rights freedom by mandating vaccinations for all children. Current law permits parents and guardians the right to make the choice that’s the best fit for their children, but SF 1520 would force parents and guardians to vaccinate children attending daycares, public or private elementary or secondary schools, and even homeschools.

Parental authority over one's own children is a fundamental right. Our children DO NOT belong to government. Parents must retain the final say in medical decisions for their children. I will NEVER support removing a parent or guardian’s right to exempt their children from vaccines.

Rep. Lucero testifying in front of the House State Government Finance Committee this week on his bill HF 187 seeking to reimburse Wright, Becker, and Ramsey Counties the cost incurred to defend themselves against former MN State Auditor Rebecca Otto's arbitrary and frivolous lawsuit against them.


In 2015, legislation passed and was signed into law by then Gov. Dayton which changed state statute allowing all MN counties the cost saving, free-market choice of hiring third-party CPA firms to conduct the audits counties are required to have performed on an annual basis therein eliminating the anti-competitive monopoly the State Auditor's office previously enjoyed.

In response to the authorized change in law, former State Auditor Otto filed an arbitrary and frivolous lawsuit against Wright, Becker, and Ramsey Counties. Former Auditor Otto lost in MN District Court but appealed, lost in MN Court of Appeals but appealed, and eventually lost in MN Supreme Court with a unanimous ruling against her. Former Auditor Otto's ill-advised quest resulted in the squandering of hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars.

Thank you to current MN State Auditor Julie Blaha for joining me before the House State Government Finance Committee Thursday this week testifying in support of my bill HF 187 which seeks to reimburse Wright, Becker, and Ramsey Counties the cost incurred to defend themselves against former MN State Auditor Rebecca Otto's arbitrary and frivolous lawsuit against them.

Rep. Lucero with colleague legislators and well over a thousand citizens attending a pro-Second Amendment rally last Saturday at the Capitol.


Two Democrat gun control bills were heard in the Public Safety Committee this week. I voted NO to both terrible bills.

Termed the “Universal Background Check” bill, HF 8 seeks to require a background check be performed whenever a firearm is transferred from one person to another (with a handful of exceptions). Testimony and discussion uncovered the multitude of flaws in the bill and how the bill does little more than put more burdensome laws on the backs of law-abiding citizens. One flaw example is a “photocopy” of the transfer paperwork must be kept by both the transferor and the transferee, FOREVER! If ever unable to produce the paperwork even 50+ years after the firearm transfer for whatever reason, the person is guilty of a gross misdemeanor punishable by up to a year in prison and/or up to a $3,000 fine. A second flaw example is the bill would make it a violation of the law to temporarily transfer a firearm to prevent substantial bodily harm. In other words, the bill would make criminals of those exercising the fundamental human right of self-defense. 

Termed the “Red Flag Gun Confiscation Order” bill, HF 9 seeks to forcefully confiscate firearms in violation of Constitutional Due Process rights. There are so many problems with this bill, it’s very difficult to even begin. I can best summarize by pointing out the fact the bill author and other supporters were unable to answer numerous questions.

Rep. Lucero attending the Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life (MCCL) annual dinner this week spending the evening with fellow pro-life citizens also fighting for the truth of life in the womb!


Each and every day I’m continuously humbled at the opportunity to represent and fight for the values and priorities of our great community!

Please contact me to share any issues, concerns, or feedback you have to assist me best represent you.  The best way to reach me is by email at Rep.Eric.Lucero@House.MN or by phone at 651-296-1534.

Eric Lucero

State Representative
District 30B
Albertville, Hanover, Otsego, Saint Michael, and the Wright County portion of Dayton

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