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MNsure health care costs continue to skyrocket

Friday, September 2, 2016


ST. PAUL – Minnesota families and individuals who buy insurance on their own could pay an average increase around 60 percent more for the upcoming year according to information released on Healthcare.Gov Thursday.

MNsure health insurance premiums have risen each of the last three years prices have been set, but the newest rate hike is projected to be the largest increase once updated numbers are finalized in the coming weeks. Thursday’s 60-percent projected average increase is in addition to the 49-percent increase seen last year and the 17-percent increase seen the year before that.

“Gov. Dayton and the Democrat majorities single-handedly passed MNsure in 2013, promising Minnesota families would save $500 per year,” said Rep. Eric Lucero, R-Dayton. “The unfortunate truth is being seen three years later, just as Republicans said would. Government tinkering is resulting in Minnesota families and small businesses being crushed by skyrocketing rates directly caused by Minnesota’s version of Obamacare.”

During the 2016 legislative session, Lucero supported legislation to reduce the MNsure tax which would have saved families at least $22 million over the next three years. The measure passed the House, but was vocally opposed by Democrat legislators and was not enacted.

“It is extremely disappointing $400 million in taxpayer dollars have been spent to date on a website that remains an abysmal failure in making health insurance more accessible and affordable,” Lucero said. “My heart breaks for the real people all across our community and Minnesota whose lives are being damaged as a result of Democrats experimenting with government ventures that will continue to have failed results until we can bring true reforms to health care.”


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