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Highlighting 2016 Session Priorities

Monday, February 22, 2016


By State Rep. Eric Lucero, District 30B

Having visited with residents, business owners, and city leaders all throughout last summer, fall, and recent months discussing issues and concerns, I’ve built my session priorities based on the feedback I received. Below is a summary of my legislative priorities for the 2016 legislative session that begins March 8.

TRANSPORTATION: The completion last fall of the third lane on Interstate 94 to Saint Michael has been proven very positive for our area. Transportation expansion is critical for the continued economic growth of our community. As a member of the Transportation Committee I am working hard to secure funding to do just that. I am the chief author of a bill to continue the three lane expansion of I-94 from Saint Michael to Albertville without raising taxes.

EQUITY IN EDUCATION FUNDING: As an educator myself, I know firsthand the need for adequate funding resources to ensure our children have access to educational opportunities allowing them the greatest success in life which is why I am fighting hard for our children’s future. I’ve been working with local school officials and others as we continue the fight for equitable school funding in the coming session. I am the chief author of three bills in the House to begin correcting the state funding inequity.

PRO-LIFE: As a strong pro-life advocate, defunding Planned Parenthood is a top priority. Additionally, to continue advancing the truth of life in the womb I will be co-authoring a bill seeking to recognize stillborn children with a certificate of birth resulting in stillbirth and allow parents who suffered the tragedy of the death of their child a $2,000 tax credit in the year of birth of their child. It’s time Minnesota recognizes stillborn babies by giving them the dignity they deserve.

HEALTH INSURANCE TAX DEDUCTION: Healthcare insurance premiums continue to rise due in large part to failed government mandates and policies. To help bring some relief to hard working families I have chief authored legislation to make health insurance premiums tax deductible on Minnesota income taxes. The cost of health insurance premiums is already tax deductible to many businesses and its time hard working Minnesotans be allowed to deduct the cost well.

STUDENT PRIVACY: Parents are increasingly becoming very alarmed at the intrusiveness and objectionable content contained within questions administered to students via tests and surveys such as the Minnesota Student Survey. As a staunch supporter of parental rights and parents having final authority over their children’s education, I am the chief author of several bills seeking to recognize parental authority and require an op-in from parents prior to children being administered certain tests and surveys that are intrusive and objectionable.

PRO-SECOND AMENDMENT: We had great success last year advancing gun rights of law-abiding citizens such as my pro-gun bill that was signed into law. I will be working to continue that momentum to protect and advance our Second Amendment rights.


Please contact me with your feedback to help me continue to best represent you. Please contact me via phone at 651-296-1534 or by emailing me at Rep.Eric.Lucero@House.MN.


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