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Friday, July 19, 2019

Dear Friends,


August 1 is just around the corner, which means a number of new laws will be taking effect. Specifically, all drivers are going to want to review these and act accordingly.




Hands free cell phone use – this is a law I co-authored that is designed to reduce distracted driving deaths and injuries by taking cell phones out of drivers’ hands. Drivers will be required to use hands-free technology when making calls, sending messages, or accessing content — including audio and navigation software — behind the wheel.


Slower vehicles stay right – clarifies requirements on operating slow vehicles on the right side of the road and moving out of the left-most lane to allow others to pass, if the road has more than one lane in each direction.


Disability plates and permits - licensed physical therapists will now be authorized to provide a required medical statement that an individual can use to obtain a disability parking permit or disability license plates.


Clinic fee transparency – this statute requires provider-based clinics to disclose facility fees for nonemergency services before treatment, which should better ensure patients will not be surprised by unexpected separate charges that result in higher out-of-pocket expenses.


Prohibiting retaliation in nursing homes – prevents a nursing home or assisted living facility from retaliating against a resident or employee if the resident, employee or person acting on the resident’s behalf files a good faith complaint or inquiry or reports a crime. Illegal retaliation could include any form of discrimination, restriction or prohibition of visitors, withholding of food or care, discharge or transfer, or unauthorized removal, tampering with or deprivation of technology, communication or electronic monitoring devices.


To learn about other new laws take effect on August 1, please click here.



I’ve had the pleasure of attending a number of local festivities over the past few weeks. They include the Heydays celebration in Hayfield, where I had a delicious chicken dinner courtesy of the Hayfield Fire Department. Thank you to the firefighters and all these amazing volunteers for cooking up and serving such a delicious meal!

I also celebrated the Independence Day holiday by first taking part in Albert Lea’s 3rd of July festivities, and then attended Blooming Prairie’s 4th of July celebration. Scott and Connie from the Ellendale-Geneva area had their mobile pretzel making operation at the Blooming Prairie event. They make some of the best soft pretzels I’ve ever tasted, so I was glad to buy one while I was there!

Have a good weekend,



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