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News from Representative Hertaus 02-24-2014

Monday, February 24, 2014
Hello Neighbors and Friends,
Tomorrow the 2014 Legislative Session will begin. Governor Dayton has long announced that it would be his pleasure to have this session characterized as the "Un-Session," presumably in an effort to restrain government and to do away with antiquated and unnecessary regulations which interfere with our day-to-day lives and the efficiency of the free and private markets to meet the ordinary demands of our society.
Interestingly, we found the previous session's agenda which he championed to be mostly contrary to this current position. Minnesota has now passed the $70 Billion dollar mark for total ALL FUNDS spending. With all of the tax increases passed into law during the last session, the majority now seeks to win favor by creating the illusion that they are managing things so well that they are prepared to cut and/or repeal taxes, despite the fact that most if not all of these recent increases were not necessary at all. I would like to see every excess dollar raised to be refunded to hard working taxpayers.
As for the "Un-Session", I have already authored and co-authored many pieces of legislation this session which would repeal business-to-business taxes, bring conformity of state inheritance tax exemptions to that of federal tax law, repeal Sunday liquor sales restrictions, repeal tax on repairing electronic and precision equipment, repeal commercial and industrial repair tax(aka farm repair tax), repeal tax on storage and warehousing, reciprocity with North Dakota CC permit laws, costs of the Affordable Care Act to be reimbursed to school districts, phase-out of the state general levy on property taxes, and permitting Dentists to provide basic influenza immunizations.
With all of the "Un-Session" rhetoric here in St. Paul, I would look forward toward the majority embracing and passing all of the "Un-Session" legislation that I have authored or sponsored as previously mentioned.
Today, an interview with me about the recent and current propane shortage was published by MinnPost and I enclose a link here for your review.
Although not a member of the current majority, I am reaching out to my DFL colleagues to make government less intrusive into our private lives.
Please contact me with any legislative issue that may be of interest to you and I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Thank you for the privilege of representing you and
Best Regards,
Rep. Jerry Hertaus
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