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Legislative update from Rep. Hertaus

Thursday, December 12, 2019

Dear Friends,

Since the Department of Human Services scandals have come to light wasting more than $52 million, DHS has countered that the amount of waste, fraud and abuse is a small percentage of the total dollars that they manage.

While using mathematical percentages may be an attempt to mitigate their mismanagement, lets remember that many large volume businesses operate on very competitive and thin profit margins, often below 1%. The difference between profit and loss as a percent is minimal. Nonetheless, millions of dollars may be lost or made. 

Unlike the private sector, where the profiteers and losers are private equities and individuals that dare to take risk, the public sector's dynamic is quite different. It's "investors" are the taxpayer who do so largely involuntarily through levy and the force of law, depriving them of use of those dollars for their own needs. 

Thin percentages of waste amount to millions of wasted taxpayer dollars and there is no margin of error acceptable or to be tolerated in being the taxpayer's fiduciary. While these problems and their cover-up began during the Dayton administration, the Walz administration now owns this problem and must act quickly to place competent people in charge to investigate, act and end the waste, fraud and abuse.

Click here for a quick video I recorded to on this subject.



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