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Legislative report from Rep. Hertaus

Monday, July 01, 2019

Greetings Friends & Neighbors,

I hope that you are having a nice start to summer. The Hertaus family wishes you and your family a safe and happy Independence Day holiday. It is always an exciting time of year as we take time to celebrate our nation’s independence nearly 250 years ago. Since that time, citizens of the United States of America have enjoyed unparalleled freedom and liberty.

We are a proud nation throughout the year and seeing the Red, White and Blue coloring the landscape at this time of year seems to heighten the sense of gratitude we should have for both having been born under the American flag and for those whom have also sought to become American citizens. It comes with a great sense of gratitude and appreciation for our forefathers who laid the foundation for our nation and our indebtedness to those whom have since, sacrificed so much, including their lives, in the name of liberty. It should remind us with a sense of renewed optimism that we can do our part as the current generation of patriarchs and matriarchs to keep America’s legacy strong and well. We also need to challenge our youngest generation to understand these principles. We are both grateful and thankful that most Americans today have not ever experienced the suffering and hardships of generations past. Fortunately, our youngest generation today has mostly only known the immense abundance and opportunity that our nation has to offer. On the other hand, this youngest generation largely has not yet experienced and hopefully never does, the extreme hardships of past generations in which to contrast our nations successes.

While we have the July 4th holiday pegged on our calendars, today (July 1st) is also an important day. It is the effective date of numerous new laws which were enacted earlier this year. Most of the changes pertain to state funding, as today’s date marks the start of the first fiscal year of the new biennium.

Two-year finance packages regarding everything from transportation to public safety, K-12 education and beyond are now on the books. Other topics of new laws include heart screenings and the state’s opiate response to addiction and death.

Click here for an overview of noteworthy changes. In addition, all laws passed by the 2019 Legislature are available at this link.

The new “hands free legislation” takes effect Aug. 1. That provides and extra month to accommodate the new law. Everyone is encouraged to practice early adoption of this law by already using hands-free methods if communications must take place. Our area and Legislative District has experienced too many traffic fatalities during the past few years and it is important to mitigate all forms of distracted driving the best we can including reminding our youngest drivers to keep their eyes on the road and their surroundings while driving.

Here is hoping that you and your family shall be safe while traveling, out on the water, and with all other activities this summer.

Best Regards,


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