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URGENT: Contact gov. today, ask him to enact tax relief

Monday, June 06, 2016

Dear Neighbor,

Gov. Mark Dayton has until the end of the day to sign or veto the 2016 tax bill. Non-action would result in a so-called pocket veto and the legislation would die on the vine.

The bill awaiting the governor's action passed with overwhelming support (89 percent of the Legislature), passing 123-10 in the House and 55-12 in the Senate. A press conference took place in St. Paul today where legislators urged the governor to approve the package, which includes half a billion dollars in permanent, ongoing middle-class tax relief including.

Top tax-relief provision, over the next three years, include:

•$90.6 million in tax relief for Minnesota farmers.
•$110 million in tax relief for college graduates paying off student loans
•$49 million in tax relief for families who contribute to 529 plans to save for their children's college costs.
•$146 million in tax relief for every small business in Minnesota
•$13 million in tax relief for Minnesota veterans
•$150 million in tax relief for working families by expanding the working family tax credit.
•$32 million to reduce the cost of childcare by expanding the childcare tax credit
•Federal conformity provisions that allow Minnesotans to deduct higher education tuition expenses, mortgage insurance premiums, classroom expenses for teachers, charitable giving (for seniors), and more.

The governor has suggested he may veto the bill despite agreement from Republicans to make two changes he requested to fix a drafting error and restore a relatively small sales-tax exemption. It would be unfortunate for Minnesotans to miss out on this tax relief because the governor blocked the bill at the finish line.

The governor is encouraged to put politics aside and sign the bill so that long-awaited tax relief may be delivered to thousands of Minnesota families.

Please contact the governor's office as soon as possible today and ask him to sign the bill. You can call his office at 651-201-3400 or email your comments by clicking here. Please be respectful in any comments you make.



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