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Legislative Update (3-11-21)

Thursday, March 11, 2021


Here we are, one full year of living under the authoritarian rule of Gov. Tim Walz as of this Saturday.

It has now been a full 365 days since the governor robbed Minnesotans of the representative system of government they deserve. He has issued around 120 executive orders in that span, personal mandates with the effect of law he has imposed on people in our state. He has caused people to lose their livelihoods, turned family finances on their ear, stunted the development of our children and potentially caused mental health consequences that could linger for years.

He did this all in the name of “emergency powers” even though there is no emergency today. If there ever were a time we needed instant action, those days are long gone. COVID-19 infection rates are way down, vaccine distribution is way up and other states are taking real steps toward reopening.

Yet, here we are, dragging our feet as other states pass us by and get on with their lives. One report shows our state is in the bottom 10 nationally in terms of re-opening. By contrast, three of our neighboring states are in the top 10 most “re-opened” and another - Wisconsin - is in the middle. 

This daily ranking is based on a rating of 11 categories combined to achieve a score. While we cannot vouch for the validity of the ratings or the methodology used to assign scores to each state, this report does make for some interesting reading. It’s a good way to look at the states side by side and see what steps they are taking toward re-opening. Or, in some cases, what steps they are not taking.

Our state needs a more serious approach to helping businesses and families get back on their feet. The House majority continues to stand in the way of attempts to end the governor’s emergency powers, including again this week.

Last call on Calif. Cars comments

The deadline to submit public comments on Gov. Walz's California Car Mandate is 4:30 p.m. this Monday.

The governor is seeking to implement this policy through administrative rule rather than the legislature. If enacted, the California Car Mandate would raise the cost of all new vehicles for Minnesota families by $1,000 or more, reduce consumer choice, and make MN the only state in the Midwest to place burdensome regulations on auto dealerships.

The volume of comments has not been as substantial as I would like to see, maybe due in part to the fact it is a bit of a hassle to navigate the submission process. It’s not something we may want to spend time doing but it may be our only chance to give the judge reason to prevent the governor from this overreach.

We cannot afford to remain silent on this issue and just let it happen. Let your voice be heard on this very important issue. Submit your comments here.


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