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Legislative Update (1-6-21)

Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Dear Neighbor,

The 2021 session convened yesterday. While most of the activity on the first day was ceremonial as members were sworn into office, we also learned that Democrats are looking to change the House rules at the expense of Minnesotans.

Many people know there have been numerous votes to end the governor’s emergency powers. A large Democrat House majority has blocked these efforts at every turn. It is clear Democrats do not want these powers to end and they would rather have one person calling all the shots instead of 134 legislators putting their election certificates to good use by participating in the process.

The November election changed the landscape a bit, giving Republicans more seats in the House and narrowing the Democrat majority. We now stand a chance to get the votes needed to stop the governor’s one-man rule we’ve been living under for the last 10 months and restore balance at the Capitol. However, House Democrats are now planning to change the House rules as soon as tomorrow to require not a simple majority, but a super majority to end the governor’s rule.

If they succeed, your voice will be silenced for a minimum of two more years. Republicans need the support of the people of Minnesota now. Pease make your voices heard.

On Tuesday, we tried to bring an end to the governor’s powers. Not one Democrat supported our effort. If the vote to change the rules prevails, they will be giving themselves cover, allowing Democrats in districts that want their voices heard (especially in Greater Minnesota) to make a symbolic vote that means nothing.

Our best chance to stop this by contacting all House Democrats. I am dug in and will be speaking out strongly against their efforts. Please join me in demanding they do not silence your voice. You can find legislator contact information at


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