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RELEASE: "Slowpoke" bill authored by Leader Daudt becomes law starting today

Thursday, August 01, 2019

ST. PAUL, MN—Beginning August 1, drivers who slow down traffic in the left lane can be fined $50 thanks to a new law authored by House Minority Leader Kurt Daudt, R-Crown. The bill passed as part of the Transportation Omnibus bill during the special session this past May. Daudt's bill, HF1210 was introduced in February of this year, and was authored by Sen. John Jasinski, R-Faribault, in the Senate. 

"Slow drivers camped in the left lane cause traffic jams and make our roadways less safe," Daudt said. "We've all been frustrated by slow drivers in the left lane—I hope my bill will reduce congestion and make your commute a little easier." 

Drivers are still not permitted to speed while in the left lane, and the new law is primarily targeted at drivers who may be driving below the speed limit and interrupting the flow of traffic. The law encourages drivers in the left lane to move over to allow vehicles to pass if they are traveling at a higher rate of speed.