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Legislative Update: Budget Negotiations

Monday, May 13, 2019


I wanted to give you a quick update on where things stand with a week to go before the 2019 legislative session comes to a close. Negotiations between the House, Senate, and the Governor have not made much progress thanks to Democrats’ demands for $12 billion in tax increases. Senate Republicans have stood strong, reminding the Democrats that these extreme tax increases are unnecessary when Minnesota has a $1 billion budget surplus, and monthly revenue reports continue to beat expectations thanks to a roaring economy spurred by Republican-led tax cuts at the state and federal level. 

Since negotiations began, House Democrats and Governor Walz refuse to budge off their demand for $12 billion in tax increases. Governor Walz said that not agreeing to their $12 billion in tax increases meant the Minnesota Senate Republicans were going to “blow up Democracy” if they aren’t willing to raise taxes at a time when Minnesota has a $1 billion budget surplus. Seriously

It's time for Governor Walz and Democrats to take their extreme $12 billion in tax increases off the table, and get serious about reaching a compromise budget that respects Minnesota taxpayers. There is no excuse to be raising $12 billion in taxes when Minnesota has a budget surplus and revenues continue to grow. I will continue fighting alongside my Republican colleagues in the House and Senate to protect your pocketbook and do everything we can to stop these extreme tax increases. 

Constituents at the Capitol

Rep. Daudt met with constituents from Nowthen to discuss education

Rep. Daudt with a student participating in the House of Representative High School Page Program

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