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Friday, February 17, 2012
ST. PAUL – After hearing Governor Dayton stress the need to create jobs and reform government in his State of the State Address, State Representative Paul Torkelson (R-Nelson Township) said its time to get to work. “After listening to some of the partisan rhetoric that Governor Dayton had been spreading the past couple of weeks, it was nice to see the Governor have a reasonable tone that focused on the potential good work that we can do together,” Torkelson said. Torkelson said the Reform 2.0 proposal the Legislature is advancing will likely meet many of the Governor’s stated goals for the 2012 session, as the agenda contains dozens of reforms that will improve Minnesota’s economic climate, education system, and government efficiency. “We’ve got some great reform ideas, and the Governor mentioned the need to reform in his speech,” Torkelson said. “He helped us reform government last session, and we have many more reform ideas that we’d like him to sign into law.” Torkelson said last session’s reforms are putting Minnesota back on the path of economic recovery. These new laws eliminated a $5 billion deficit and created a nearly $1 billion surplus, trimmed Minnesota’s unemployment rate from 7.5% to 5.7% in one year, and put 70,000 unemployed Minnesotans back to work. “The jobs created in the private sector will bring Minnesota back to prosperity, and we’re happy to see things moving in that direction,” Torkelson concluded.