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Monday, May 7, 2012
Once again, Governor Dayton has vetoed legislation designed to remove the excessive government taxation and over regulation that holds back our job creators. The Tax Relief and Job Creation Act was a comprehensive proposal that would have created thousands of jobs in Minnesota while providing property tax relief to homeowners and businesses. Governor Dayton called it a “bad tax bill.” If putting at least 14 thousand people to work and improving our state’s tax climate constitutes a bad tax bill, I’d sure hate to see what he believes is a good one. Since when is giving seven thousand construction workers a job expanding the Mall of America a bad idea? Or what about the seven thousand jobs that would be created after the Mall’s expansion is complete? When is removing some of the barriers that hinder job creation a bad idea? When did stopping policies that encourage economic development become sound fiscal policy? The bill received bipartisan support, and despite the fact that it was also supported by the Minnesota Business Partnership, Minnesota Chamber of Commerce, and the National Federation of Independent Businesses, Governor Dayton could not wait to kill it. This is just another in a long line of common sense provisions vetoed by the Governor this year. Attempts to improve the collective bargaining process, remove statutory language requiring school districts to focus solely on employee’s seniority during layoffs, curb lawsuit abuse, and eliminate last session’s extension of the school funding shift have all been labeled “bad” ideas by Governor Dayton. The reality is, the Tax Relief and Job Creation Act is one of the best jobs proposals I’ve seen during my time in the Minnesota House. His veto of this plan is blocking the will of the people, our path to freedom, and the ability to continue Minnesota’s economic recovery.
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