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The Minnesota Student Survey is Malicious Garbage  

Thursday, April 14, 2022

The Minnesota Student Survey is Malicious Garbage     

In the last few weeks, I have heard from concerned parents and constituents who are alarmed by the Minnesota Student Survey (MSS). For those who are unfamiliar with this topic, the MSS is a statewide survey that is administered every three years to students in grades 5-12. In this survey, students are anonymously asked invasive, subversive, and inappropriate questions about themselves and a range of unseemly topics.

The Minnesota Student Survey was first introduced in 1989 and has been administered every three years since. The MSS is administered primarily by the Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) in partnership with three other state agencies: The Minnesota Department of Health, the Minnesota Department of Human Services, and the Minnesota Department of Public Safety. These departments work directly with school districts across the state in administering the survey.

The MSS is split into three different survey “levels” for certain groups of students:

  • Level 1 Survey – Grades 5 and 6
  • Level 2 Survey – Grades 6, 7, and 8
  • Level 3 Survey – Grades 9-12

To view copies of these surveys, please click here. 

In the Level 3 survey, 9th graders are asked: “During the last 12 months, how many different partners have you had sex with?”

In the Level 2 survey, 7th graders are asked: “What is your gender identity? (Mark ALL that apply)” Students are then asked to select from a list of options that include “Agender,” “Nonbinary,” and “Two spirit.”

The contents of the Minnesota Student Survey are startling, immoral, and should not be anywhere near children or a school.   

For those who do not want their child to participate in this survey, there are options. First, school districts in the state are not required to participate in the survey. School districts are allowed to opt of the survey. I encourage all parents to contact the members of your local school board and make sure that they opt out of the MSS and do everything in their power to keep it out of your local schools.

However, if your child goes to a school that is participating the Minnesota Student Survey, you can still opt your child out of the survey. Every school is required to notify parents with a letter if the MSS is being administered at their child’s school. The letter will also come with a short form to opt your child out of the survey.

Here is the type of form that is used to notify parents of the MSS. Your copy of the form should be filled in with the correct information that relates to your child’s school.

The fact that state leaders, educators, and bureaucrats are putting this egregious trash in front of students is disgusting. School board members need to get this survey out of our schools. We need to safeguard our kids, not subject them to degeneracy.

Absentee Ballot Reconciliation

Last week, I offered an amendment to the state government omnibus bill that would bring some much-needed integrity to our elections process.

Under Minnesota Statute 204C.20, election judges are required to make sure the number of absentee ballots matches the number of absentee envelopes that were received. This reconciliation process ensures that every accepted absentee ballot is properly collected, accounted for, and cast.  

However, in Minnesota there were more than 200,000 absentee ballots that were not properly reconciled before the 2020 Minnesota election was certified. The Minnesota Legislature needs to keep this from happening again and fix this problem. It sets our elections up for frailty and we need to fix it. Our elections need to be free, fair, and accurate.

As such, I offered an amendment to fix this situation. My amendment would require all absentee ballots to be properly reconciled before the election can be certified. This is a commonsense step that should have been written into law long ago. Election integrity matters, and we need to restore faith in our election system.

To see my full comments on this amendment, please see the below video:

Shockingly, my amendment was voted down by a vote of 5-8; every Republican voted for it, but every Democrat voted against it. Democrats show us time and time again that they do not care about fair and accurate elections. They do nothing but work to make sure our ballot boxes are left unguarded.

Happy Easter!

This Sunday we will celebrate the resurrection of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. As we worship Him on Easter Sunday, let us thank God for His love and the eternal grace that He freely gives us. We did not earn this love and grace, but in His awesome power He gave them to us.

Happy Easter to you and your family! The Lord is risen!

Steve Drazkowski