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Mayo Clinic Totalitarianism

Friday, January 7, 2022

Mayo Clinic Totalitarianism

Mayo Clinic has fired over 700 employees that refused to be vaccinated. This comes after months of Mayo Clinic threatening their employees with a manipulative and crushing vaccine mandate. January 3rd was the deadline for Mayo employees to be vaccinated or fired. Sadly, that day arrived and 700 of our fellow Minnesotans are now unemployed because of Mayo Clinic’s heartless and vindictive actions.

To all the 700 employees who stood their ground and did not give in to these dictators, I applaud you. You looked a difficult decision in the face and told Mayo Clinic they had no right to mandate what is injected into your body. Only by standing by our convictions and refusing to give in will we defeat the forces that seek to ruin us. These 700 Americans are true patriots, and they should be proud that they did not bow down.

As for Mayo Clinic, I believe they have shown their true face. To them, vaccination status is more important than personhood. They only care about the Minnesotans who tow the party line. Just like President Biden, Governor Walz, and the “experts,” Mayo Clinic believes that unvaccinated Americans are second class citizens. The contempt they have for us, our values, and our way of life is obvious. They want us to submit to them and their twisted priorities. If we refuse, they will do everything in their power to destroy us.

Freedom is standing against this totalitarianism, and we must all continue to do so.

Walz Can’t Help Himself    

Governor Tim Walz is once again trying to ramp up the scare factor on COVID-19. At this point, this is the only thing our governor does. He does not lead; he does not govern. Every three months or so Tim Walz gets on stage to tell Minnesotans that the sky is falling, and everyone should panic. In case the governor hasn’t noticed, we have all learned how to live our lives in the midst of this pandemic. Why hasn’t he?

From the beginning of this pandemic, the governor’s actions have been irrational. Tim Walz trotted out all kinds of pandemic models that projected how bad things would get. However, these models have since been totally disregarded by his own administration because of how inaccurate they were. Additionally, he warned everyone that the death toll would be so catastrophic that bodies would be piling up. He even had the state buy a massive, refrigerated warehouse that would store the dead bodies.

Well, the warehouse was never used, people are going about their lives, and the earth continues to spin. If anyone else behaved the way Governor Walz has, we would say they are acting like “the boy who cried wolf.” At some point, we have to stop listening to the people who have been wrong time after time. They only lead us astray. It’s time to flatten the fear and get on with life. I strongly encourage everyone to disregard Governor Walz and his scare tactics.

Steve Drazkowski