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Governor Walz Oversteps Again

Sunday, November 21, 2021

Governor Walz Oversteps Again   

Last week, Governor Tim Walz sent a letter to Senate Majority Leader Jeremy Miller regarding a potential special session. In the letter, Governor Walz made demands that he is not constitutionally allowed to make. Specifically, the governor wanted to dictate the terms of the potential special session. He wanted to stipulate what issues would be discussed by legislators, and he wanted to keep the legislature from debating topics that he found “controversial.” Even more, Governor Walz tried to decide when a potential special session would end.

Friends, our governor continues to be way out of line. According to Article IV Section 12 of Minnesota’s Constitution, the governor can call a special session on “extraordinary occasions.” However, the governor has no authority to tell the Minnesota Legislature what they are supposed to do in special session. Governors can call a special session, but their power ends there. The elected senators and representatives of the people get to decide what issues are discussed and what laws are passed.

Governor Walz’s letter represents a shameless attempt to operate outside the confines of our constitution. 

In response to Governor Walz’s ridiculous demands, I joined my fellow legislators in sending a letter to the governor. We told Governor Walz that he was clearly out of bounds, and he needed to get back in his lane. No governor should by attempting to usurp power that they do not have. To read our letter, follow this link.

Biden’s Vaccine Mandate Suspended   

On Thursday, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) suspended enforcement of President Biden’s illegitimate vaccine mandate.

After Republican attorneys general and private businesses filed lawsuits against the mandate, the Fifth Circuit of the U.S. Court of Appeals ordered the administration to stop enforcement of the mandate. One of the judges who reviewed the vaccine mandate called it “fatally flawed.”

This is great news for all Americans. In the United States, no president has the right to hand down decrees and unilaterally make their own laws. President Biden tried to do that with his foolish vaccine mandate, and his dictatorial edict is finally being put in its place.

The president cannot force you to get vaccinated, and your employer cannot force you to get vaccinated. I encourage all Minnesotans to speak out and tell your employer and your government that you will not allow tyrannical rules to control your life!

Minnesota House Internship Program

With the 2022 regular session of the Minnesota Legislature fast approaching, the Minnesota House of Representatives has announced a new remote internship program for college students!

Offered exclusively to undergraduate students, this internship program will give aspiring public servants an opportunity to engage in our legislative and political processes. Specifically, interns will work with legislators, assist staff, conduct research, virtually attend legislative meetings, and discuss public policy.

The internship will run throughout the duration of the regular session from January 31, 2022 to May 23, 2022. Additionally, interns will participate in weekly virtual meetings that examine public policy, current events, and pending legislation. These seminars will often include a featured speaker and will allow interns to discuss and debate the issues that public servants face every day.

In the application process, prospective interns will be able to indicate a preference to work with Republicans, Democrats, or non-partisan staff. This will help the Minnesota House of Representatives assign interns to the appropriate legislators or departments. Interns will be required to work a minimum of 5 hours per week.

While the remote nature of this internship may be a disappointment to some, this will give students from our district a chance to participate in the legislative activities that occur in St. Paul. Furthermore, interns may be able come down to the Minnesota State Capitol for a day or two to observe the legislative process in person.

The deadline to submit your application is December 3, 2021. I strongly encourage interested students to apply and join us at the Minnesota Legislature.

To apply for the internship program, or learn about it in greater detail, please see this link.

Interning at the Minnesota House of Representatives for an entire legislative session is a remarkable experience that will give students a detailed education on how our state government operates. I strongly encourage my constituents to apply. If you know any undergraduates who might be interested in this program, I encourage you to forward this information along.

Steve Drazkowski