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Tuesday, April 14, 2020

St. Paul – Today, a majority of Republicans and every Democrat in the Minnesota House of Representatives voted to block a resolution which would have ended the Governor’s peacetime emergency declaration. 

The resolution, brought forward by the New House Republican Caucus, would have ended the Governor’s peacetime emergency declaration and voided the Governor’s executive orders. Additionally, the resolution would have allowed the Minnesota Legislature to write policy and set rules regarding Minnesota’s COVID-19 response. 

However, in a vote of 15-105, state representatives blocked the resolution from being debated, discussed, and voted upon. 

“The legislators who blocked this resolution essentially voted to silence the people,” said Rep. Jeremy Munson (Republican-Lake Crystal). “I helped bring this resolution forward, and I would have voted in favor of the resolution itself if I was given the chance. The people are entitled to have their voices heard through their duly elected legislators. We demand freedom, representation, and the ability to legislate. The Governor alone should not be writing policy for the entire state. To circumvent state legislators and the people’s house in responding to this pandemic is wrong.” 

“The failure of the Minnesota House to even discuss curbing the Governor’s powers is a disgrace,” said Rep. Steve Drazkowski (Republican-Mazeppa). “The Governor’s emergency declaration has awarded him unprecedented power to fundamentally change our state without the input of the people. As state legislators, we all swore an oath to do our job. Unfortunately, the representatives who blocked this resolution have shrunk from their responsibility as elected leaders.” 

All four members of the New House Republican Caucus (Representatives Munson, Drazkowski, Miller, and Bahr) supported bringing the resolution forward. 

“We should be trusting the people of Minnesota to decide what is best for them,” said Rep. Tim Miller (Republican-Prinsburg). “If people want to stay home to avoid the coronavirus they should be allowed to do so. If people want to work and go about their lives, then they should be allowed to do so. We have to stand against the idea that the Governor is permitted to overwhelmingly dictate how we live our lives.” 

“The people should be outraged that their elected representatives decided to surrender their election certificates today,” said Rep. Cal Bahr (Republican-East Bethel). “The representatives who were too timid to hear this resolution essentially decided to concentrate even more power in the Governor’s hands. The authors of our constitution would be disgusted to find that this government has crowned the Governor and given him a new title: King Timothy I of Minnesota.” 

The NHRC is led by Rep. Steve Drazkowski (Republican-Mazeppa). It includes Rep. Cal Bahr (Republican-East Bethel), Rep. Tim Miller (Republican-Prinsburg), and Rep. Jeremy Munson (Republican-Lake Crystal).



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