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Monday, October 7, 2019

St. Paul – On Friday, Congresswoman Ilhan Omar filed for divorce from her husband, Ahmed Hirsi. In 2017, Rep. Omar filed for divorce from her first husband, Ahmed Elmi. In 2018, Rep. Omar legally married Ahmed Hirsi. Now in 2019, Rep. Omar is filing for divorce from Mr. Hirsi. Representative Steve Drazkowski reacted to the most recent news, saying, “This is the most recent development in an attempt by Rep. Omar to subvert the truth regarding her multiple violations of the law which include perjury and tax fraud.”

Rep. Drazkowski continued, “This story isn’t about the personal life of a politician. This story is about a politician who uses her relationships to cover up her misdeeds and disregard for the law. Congresswoman Omar knows that the truth reveals too much about her wrongdoings. As such, you can always expect Rep. Omar’s words and the truth to be 180o apart.”

Rep. Drazkowski has consistently called out the media of the Twin Cities for their refusal to follow the facts, and ask basic questions, regarding Congresswoman Omar.

Rep. Drazkowski said, “It’s time for the mainstream media to get serious. Enough with the softball interviews and glittering profiles. Rep. Omar always uses the excuse, ‘it’s personal’ as a diversion to hide the facts about her life, which reveal her to be a fraud. If Congresswoman Omar does not tell the truth, then the media have a responsibility to find the truth. Congresswoman Omar only married Mr. Hirsi to cover up the fact that she married her brother, Mr. Elmi. In addition to all of this, Rep. Omar paid $250,000 to her new boyfriend, Tim Mynett, out of her campaign account. This entire situation is nothing more than wholesale corruption.”

Rep. Drazkowski concluded, “Nevertheless, I know a Minnesota politician who could stand up for truth and the rule of law: Congressman Dean Phillips. As a member of the U.S. House Committee on Ethics, Congressman Phillips is uniquely placed to examine the perjury, tax fraud, and other crimes committed by Rep. Omar. However, Congressman Phillips remains deeply committed to partisanship and lacks the political courage to get the answers the people deserve.”


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