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Friday, April 9, 2010
Many of you might be surprised to learn that aborted fetal cells are being used in certain vaccinations. More of you might be surprised to discover that some experts now believe those vaccinations with human DNA could be linked to autism. Recently, Theresa Deisher, Ph.D., an internationally renowned expert in the field of adult stem cell therapies and regenerative medicine, came to the State Capitol to explain her findings. She’s discovered that epidemic regressive autism is associated with the switch from using animal cells to aborted human fetal cells in vaccination production. According to Dr. Deisher, studies show that there is an environmental component, or trigger, that is required for autism and autism spectrum disorder to occur. Vaccines are an obvious environmental component, but while products containing mercury have mostly been ruled out as an autism trigger, vaccines containing aborted fetal cells cannot be ruled out because they’ve never been tested for safety. Dr. Deisher notes that more than 20 vaccines contain aborted fetal cells, and there is no law requiring that consumers be informed of this, despite the obvious moral ramifications many Americans would have using these vaccinations. Because of this, I am co-authoring legislation with a large bipartisan group of lawmakers that would require product labeling of stem cell-based vaccines and patient consent before these human DNA vaccines are administered to them. According to the legislation, any vaccines using human DNA must be clearly labeled as “derived from or manufactured using electively aborted human fetal or embryonic tissue,” and that they shall not be administered to a patient without written, informed consent. Let me be clear: This legislation is not being offered to scare people from receiving vaccinations. But it’s unbelievable to me that our country has ignored what could potentially be a significant health risk with aborted fetal DNA vaccines. As the push to use more stem cell vaccines increases, we can no longer afford to simply hope the injections aren’t a trigger for autism. Further, there are many pro-life residents from our area that would be appalled knowing they’re allowing a vaccine containing aborted fetal matter to be injected into their toddler – particularly when other vaccination alternatives may be available. With medical studies now suggesting that human DNA vaccines could have unforeseen consequences, patients should be aware if they’re being injected with a product containing aborted fetal cells. Developmental disorders are no laughing matter, and until we receive definitive answers regarding these vaccines, the public should be aware of the potential risks. Besides, there’s nothing wrong with a patient having access to all available information before making a medical decision, especially when it involves a specific vaccine that may have some negative long-term impacts.
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