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Minnesota House Rules Committee holds remote committee hearing

Wednesday, April 01, 2020

St. Paul, Minnesota — The Minnesota House of Representatives Rules and Legislative Administration Committee held a remote hearing today to outline the new House remote committee process. House Rule 10.01, passed on March 26th, allows floor and committee procedures related to member debate and voting to occur by means of distance voting, remote electronic voting, or voting by other means designed to allow legislative operations while preserving the safety of the public, staff, and members.

“We are continuing our efforts to adapt how the Minnesota House of Representatives operates during this pandemic, including our committee process,” said Majority Leader Ryan Winkler. “We are developing this remote process so the public can engage in the legislative process while also protecting the health of members, staff, and Minnesotans. We are adapting to serve the public as we were elected to do.

While this committee hearing was audio-only, the House is working to implement video committee meetings in the future.

Audio — and future video — of any remote hearings will be broadcast live on the House website, YouTube, and Facebook.

Members of the public interested in testifying in future committees should email committee staff. Detailed information will be provided in meeting notices and on the House website. Members of the public are also encouraged to stay in touch with their State Representatives during the pandemic through email, phone, virtual town halls and public briefings, legislator newsletters, House committee listservs, and House Public Information.

The House Rules and Legislative Administration Committee also approved two new House HR policies on emergency telecommuting and emergency sick leave during a widespread illness. This is the first time official House votes have been taken in a remote setting.