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Legislative News and Views - Rep. Melissa Hortman (DFL)

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Wednesday, August 15, 2007
ST. PAUL, MN – Rep. Melissa Hortman was recently appointed to the Joint Legislative Committee to Investigate the Bridge Collapse. The bi-partisan committee will review the policies and practices of the Minnesota Department of Transportation, (MnDOT) as well as decision-making at the department in response to bridge inspection reports. "A thorough assessment of MnDOT's bridge inspection and maintenance programs is our critical task," said Hortman. "The information we gather will help us insure MnDOT has the resources and internal procedures it needs to insure that all Minnesota's roads and bridges are safe." The bi-partisan committee investigating the bridge collapse is comprised of eight House and Senate members. The committee will not focus directly on the physical failures of the bridge, rather it will focus on the inspection records and procedures of MnDOT, particularly those completed after 1990, when the bridge was first rated structurally deficient. The committee will also examine MnDOT's response to the bridge collapse to determine if they have the means and resources to effectively inspect, maintain, repair, and replace other Minnesota bridges. Hortman will continue to serve on the House Transportation Finance Committee, which is currently overseeing MnDOT's plan to re-build the bridge. "It is critical we build the new bridge quickly, but it's even more important we do it correctly," said Hortman.