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Wednesday, January 18, 2006
~ 10,000 signatures required to sell special license plates to help fund methamphetamine treatment programs ~ ST. PAUL -- State Representative Dean Urdahl, R-Grove City, on Wednesday announced a statewide effort to encourage interest in purchasing specialty license plates with an anti-drugs message. Along with the Minnesota Drug Abuse Resistance and Education program (DARE), Urdahl will promote “The Pledge Against Meth” that, if it receives 10,000 signatures, could trigger a new tool in helping meth users break their habit. “Teaming up with the DARE program will give us a great ability to raise awareness about the plates and hopefully give us the support we need to make them a reality,” Urdahl said. In December, Urdahl announced his intentions to introduce a bill to the 2006 legislature that would create the specialty plates and deposit proceeds into a state-sponsored fund for methamphetamine treatment programs. The pledge drive is necessary, Urdahl said, because the bill would require him to obtain 10,000 signatures to trigger plate sales. “We want to make sure there is enough interest,” Urdahl said. “The meth epidemic has hit every part of the state and I’m confident we’ll get the 10,000 signatures necessary to help people kick their habit.” The plates will cost $30 and Urdahl said he would expect the plates to raise between $1 million and $2 million. Urdahl is also asking newspapers across the state to help out. Urdahl said any newspaper willing to donate space to print the pledge for readers to sign and mail to the legislature can contact his office at 651-296-4344 to receive a PDF version of the pledge. “It could help us reach many people that we might not otherwise get to and help us to fight this scourge. I want to thank in advance anyone willing to help us out,” Urdahl said. -30-
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