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The Governor's Shameful Cuts

Tuesday, March 16, 2010
Minnesotans got another signal from the Governor that he doesn’t share their priorities. His line-item veto of $320 million from the state bonding bill show that Pawlenty has put Minnesota in the rear-view mirror on the road to his presidential run. But more importantly, those vetoes mean that jobs will be taken away from suburban centers like Brooklyn Park. Here are the sad facts for my district: $10 million for Hennepin Technical College (HTC)-gone. $600,000 for North Hennepin Community College (NHCC)-gone. $43 million for Transit Capital improvement-gone. These projects are vital for the long-term health of our local community. This isn’t just about getting carpenters and construction workers back on the job. We could have added to the infrastructure at our colleges which would have enticed everyone from professors to corporations to come and settle in Brooklyn Park. Instead, we got short-changed by a Governor who isn’t interested in building a stronger suburban community. By trimming the bill down to $690 million he guarantees that 7,000 Minnesotans will not be getting back to work. I have to go back to my district and break this news to my constituents while Pawlenty travels the country. The least the Governor could do is take a stroll through Brooklyn Park and explain why he did what he did. I want him to look the architect, the professor, and the construction worker about to lose his house in the eye. I want him to explain with a straight face to all those out of work Minnesotans why he couldn’t sign a bill that would have given them a measure of hope. It’s sad to see the Governor of our state decide not to stand with everyday Minnesotans.