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Merry Christmas and the latest from St. Paul

Friday, December 20, 2013

Dear Neighbor,

The Runbecks wish you and your family a merry Christmas and all the best in the new year. Work at the Capitol is simmering right now as we prepare for the 2014 session – which starts Feb. 25 – before getting to full steam after the holidays. Here is a quick update:


I am working especially close to issues pertaining to jobs (help Minnesotans!) and taxes (cut some!). I also am working with a group that is investigating dyslexia from a variety of angles. Dyslexia sometimes is not given the attention it is due and, as a result, people are not receiving support they need to thrive. This is especially true with children. I will report back with more information and welcome input from citizens who may have personal experience and/or insight in this area.



Gov. Mark Dayton hosted a press conference Thursday to address Minnesota’s faltering version of Obamacare – MNsure. There still seem to be more questions than answers as we near three months since its sputtering start. A well-respected political reporter flat-out said government officials lied to cover up deep-rooted problems with MNsure. Is that the case? More than $150 million in taxpayer money has been spent and what do we have to show for it? Why is the MNsure website still malfunctioning months after the program launched? Why did the head of MNsure go on vacation just after a botched MNsure roll-out? Why was such a massive government entity created with so little oversight?


And, last but not least: What can you tell Minnesotans who are frustrated with a broken system and fearful they will not have insurance as of Jan. 1? These are real people who are running out of time to ensure there is no gap. I continue to receive correspondence from citizens who are desperate for answers – in the governor’s words, “seriously inconvenienced or distraught.”


What’s most concerning is nobody seems to know exactly how deep MNsure’s flaws are running. The whole structure seems to be unstable. My best advice is to protect yourself by calling 1-855-mnsure or by logging on to to seek assistance. You also can provide the governor with comments by calling (651) 201-3400 or by visiting I also welcome your feedback via email or by calling (651) 296-2907.



Congratulations to the Morris sisters of Centennial High School, Destinee and Daizjah, for their amazing success in the classroom and on the basketball floor. The U.S. Military Academy in West Point will be a better place after the Morris sisters walk in the door next year with such a strong work ethic and humble desire to serve our nation. Good luck, Destinee and Daizjah!


Best holiday wishes,

Linda Runbeck


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