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Excessive spending brings leeriness

Monday, July 29, 2013


Dear Neighbor,


Minnesota Management & Budget has issued a report indicating the state budget Democrats passed this year includes the largest dollar-for-dollar All Funds spending increase in state history.


Minnesota’s total spending will increase by more than $6 billion to a historic high of $67 billion (a 10-percent increase). This excessive state spending makes me leery, especially when you see what a lack of fiscal restraint has done to places like Detroit and Chicago.


The budget Republicans set in 2011 included a 3.6-percent All Funds spending increase for the 2014-15 biennium. Democrats changed that to a 10-percent spending increase when they enacted a new budget this spring.


This excessive spending is what prompted Democrats to raise taxes and fees on all hardworking Minnesota taxpayers by around $2.5 billion. That action was unnecessary for a couple of reasons. First, we could have balanced the budget and enjoyed a future surplus without a single tax increase. Furthermore, the new MMB report shows the state will end the current biennium with $5.1 billion more in revenues than expenditures.


Click here for the full MMB report.


Another disappointing non-partisan report shows the Democrats’ budget will raise statewide property taxes by $13 million. This directly contradicts Democrats touting $400 million they said was going toward property tax relief. The report also shows taxes on agricultural properties will increase by 6.5 percent.


This is on top of new taxes on farm equipment repairs, higher energy rates because of new solar power mandates and the new warehousing and storage services taxes Democrats passed.


You can read the property tax simulation report online by clicking here.




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