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Friday, March 02, 2012
This week the office of Management and Budget’s annual February forecast indicates that the state has another surplus, up $323 million from the November surplus of $876 million. In the eight months since the end of last session after erasing a $5.2 billion deficit, both forecasts combined have indicated a $1.2 billion surplus. This is good news. $318 million will be used to start paying back the school shift, and that is a substantial amount. With Minnesota’s decreasing unemployment, and brighter economic outlook, we need to keep our priorities in the forefront. That includes, reforming government so that job creators can stay and grow in Minnesota, and reducing the size of government. I recently received a letter from the Minnesota State Lottery. Below are excerpts from the letter I would like to share with you. “We contributed $122 million to state programs, including the General Fund, Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund and others. Lottery players and retailers in District 10A contributed to these record results. Retailers in your district sold $4,403,325 in lottery products in fiscal 2011, including $3,443,903 in scratch games and $959,422 in lotto games. Last year, 40 District 10A businesses served as lottery retailers, earning $265,435 in commissions and incentives. These sales resulted in estimated contributions of $269,263 to the Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund, $587,448 to the General Fund, and $103,478 each to the Game and Fish Fund and Natural Resources Fund. Statewide, lottery sales in FY11 reached $504.4 million, resulting in contributions of $121.9 million to state programs. Of this amount, $67.3 million was transferred to the General Fund, $30.8 million to the Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund, and $11.9 million each to the Natural Resources Fund and Game and Fish Fund.” Don’t forget to follow our Reform 2.0 bills on our website at If you have any legislative questions feel free to contact my office at 651-296-4946 or email me at Sincerely, Bud
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