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Friday, June 24, 2011
Since January 1st we have produced a balanced budget that increases funding to K-12 Education as well as Health and Human Services. Since Governor Dayton vetoed that budget and he asked us to compromise with him. Since then, we have now offered him two compromises and we have yet to see a complete detailed budget from the Governor. Please see the attached graph detailing our budget proposals and what the Governor has proposed. It really is up to the Governor whether we shutdown government or not. He is the only one who can call the legislature back for a special session to resolve this before June 30th. The first proposal we presented the Governor was our $34 billion balanced budget, which Governor Dayton vetoed, propelling us into an eventual special session. Our next compromise to break the stalemate was to offer to meet his funding requests for K-12 Education, the Judiciary, and Public Safety. These three areas make up nearly half the budget. I thought by meeting his funding requests on almost half the budget he would at least sign those bills in order to prevent losing teachers, and continued public safety in the event of a government shutdown, but Governor Dayton didn’t like that either. So we came up with another compromise for the Governor; we said we would take out our tax relief from the budget if he would take out his tax increases. The Governor then proceeded to call that compromise “extremely disappointing”. As you can see we are trying to work with the Governor and we have presented three different proposals to him. It is now his turn to compromise, we will never get anywhere if we don’t know what is acceptable to him and what is not. Without details from the Governor on his own budget, that puts everyone at an impasse on what to do. With only 9 days until the Government could shutdown, we need the Governor to at least present us something of a compromise. With the clock ticking we need the Governor to call us back to the legislature. Please call the Governor at 651-201-3400 and tell him to agree to the Republican budget offers and call the legislature back to balance the budget before time runs out. Sincerely, Bud
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