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Thursday, June 16, 2011
A balanced budget has been passed by the legislature and includes government reforms, funding increases and tax relief. Although there is much talk about the government shutting down, there is no need to shut the government down. It is avoidable and unnecessary. I am optimistic the Governor will call a special session before July 1st to pass another balanced budget. Creating a business friendly climate in Minnesota begins with making it easier for our job creators to stay here. By improving the health of our own businesses we can make Minnesota an attractive place for more businesses and provide for more competition; that is what will grow our economy. Just giving in to the Governor’s request of taxing the top 2% may seem like an easy decision now. Grow government by $6 billion, spend money we don’t have, and make Minnesotans pay for it. But that unfortunately would not be the end of it. Collecting more money from Minnesotans at a time when the economy is so fragile will not give us the results we are in need of. Instead it will stifle job creation and create more government growth. So the question then is: where does it end? Giving businesses incentives to provide jobs and stay in Minnesota through tax relief will give us the boost we need and that is just what our budget does. If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to call my office. Sincerely, Bud
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