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Governor Dayton Signs Transportation Bills

Friday, June 10, 2011
St. Paul – Recently, Governor Dayton signed into law Senate File 67, authored by Representative Bud Nornes along with other important Transportation bills. Senate File 67 would allow businesses selling docks and waterfront structures the option to purchase an annual permit. An annual permit costs $120.00. The funds gathered from issuing these permits must be deposited into the state treasury and credited to the trunk highway fund. “I was pleased to author this bill, and hope that by allowing these permits to be issued, residents will find it easier to transport docks and other waterfront structures,” said Representative Nornes. “I’d also like to thank the Governor for signing this common sense piece of legislation that will help many Minnesotans this summer.” Other Transportation bills signed by the Governor include: 1. Streamlining government for the benefit of businesses and employers. Licensing and permitting regulations streamlined for small businesses and employers with SF67 (Nornes), HF493 (Vogel) and HF1105 (Kiel). Motor vehicle transactions fees were modified in HF232 (Kriesel) to help keep privately-owned local deputy registrars open. 2. Saving lives and helping those in need. Those with disabilities and people waiting for an organ donation will appreciate HF721 (Kiffmeyer), SF478 (Shimanski) and HF808 (Anderson, S.). Raising awareness of the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning as a result of HF650 (Kieffer). 3. Active duty military and families of fallen soldiers were recognized in HF186 (Urdahl) and HF232 (Kriesel) 4. State and local governments work together. We passed bills that facilitate state and local governments working together to take care of our infrastructure in HF 332 (Ancelc) and SF1044 (Drazkowski) and facilitating the process of people paying their fines and more quickly becoming productive citizens in HF387 (Kelly)
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