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Labor Day; government-run health care

Wednesday, September 02, 2009
To the editor- Have a safe and enjoyable Labor Day weekend! Many of America’s workers have been digging in extra hard during this recession and deserve to take a break this weekend. I hope you find time for some relaxation as we inch closer to fall. A recent op-ed piece in the Wall Street Journal might give you something to talk about around the barbecue this Labor Day. The WSJ editorial shares some valuable information regarding government-run health care, detailing problems with Maine’s government-run health care plan. It dubs Maine’s scenario as a “preview of ObamaCare in action,” but it also should provide some warning signs to those who support a government takeover of health care in Minnesota. Here are two key snippets: “After five years, fiscal realities as brutal as the waves that crash along Maine's famous coastline have hit the insurance plan. The system that was supposed to save money has cost taxpayers $155 million and is still rising.” And… “Unlike the federal government, Maine has a balanced budget requirement. So out of fiscal necessity, the state has now capped the enrollment in the program and allowed no new entrants. Now there is a waiting list. DirigoChoice has become yet another expensive, failed experiment in government-run health care, alongside similar fiascoes in Massachusetts and Tennessee.” Here is a link to the full editorial: Sincerely Bud Nornes, State Representative
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