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Wednesday, April 23, 2008
To the editor: Maybe we don’t expect a letter with the words “MINNESOTA REVENUE” stamped across the top to contain good news, but I received a piece of mail just like this which may be to your liking. All joking aside, the Minnesota Department of Revenue asked me to pass along word to folks in our area about property tax refund programs available to homeowners and renters. If you are a homeowner, there are two property tax refund programs available and you could receive a nice return of up to $2,750. You even may be eligible for a property tax refund if you haven’t qualified in previous years. You need to have been either a full- or part-time resident of Minnesota during the given year and you cannot be a dependent. As a homeowner or mobile-home owner, your property must be classified as your homestead. Here’s a snapshot of homeowner qualifications for each program: Regular property tax refund You may qualify if your household income is less than $93,480. Income limits increase with family size, up to $113,880 with five or more dependents. Senior or disabled homeowners, however, may be eligible with household incomes up to $117,280 with five or more dependents. The maximum refund is $1,750. Special property tax refund Your property taxes payable in 2008 must have increased by more than 12 percent and be at least $100 over your 2007 taxes. The increase must not be attributable to new improvements. The maximum refund is $1,000 and there is no limit on household income in this program. There is a refund available for renters, too. Here’s what renters should know: Renters property tax refund The maximum refund is $1,430. You may qualify if your household income is less than $50,430. Income limits increase with family size, up to $70,830 with five or more dependents. You must have lived in a building in which property taxes were assessed or payment was made in lieu of property taxes. If you are not sure if property taxes are assessed on your building, contact your landlord. The filing due date for all of these programs is Aug.15, 2008. Returns can be filed up to a year after the due date. After that, you cannot claim a refund. The deadline for the 2007 return is Aug. 15, 2009. The due date for the 2006 property tax return was Aug. 15, 2007 but you have until Aug.15, 2008 to file. To receive your refund, you must file a property tax refund return, form M1PR. You may file online at You also can print a copy at the Web site, or you can call 1-800-657-3676 to have a form sent to you. Hope this helps you, Bud Nornes State Representative
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