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“GOVERNOR, PLEASE DON’T QUIT” Tax Chair Davids pleads with Governor Dayton to not give up on 2011 Legislative Session

Thursday, May 05, 2011
ST. PAUL – Minnesota House Taxes Committee Chairman Greg Davids (R-Preston) said he was disappointed with Governor Dayton’s recent comments about calling a special session. “Governor Dayton’s a good man, and he’s already shown leadership on several legislative issues this year,” Davids said. “But as I said in tax committee this morning: Governor, please don’t quit. Please don’t give up. 17 days is a lifetime, we can make this work. Please don’t quit.” Davids said state lawmakers do not share Governor Dayton’s appetite to wave the white flag and be forced into a special session that could waste countless taxpayer dollars. “It is astounding to me that the Governor would rather call a special session than force government to live within its means,” Davids said. Davids noted that if government spent only what it collected, spending could increase by nearly $2 billion – or 5.5 percent – without needing to raise taxes. Yet Dayton said “we won't leave the session with a budget that's $34 billion, we'll leave the session with it unresolved.” “It is remarkable that the Governor doesn’t believe a $2 billion raise is enough of an increase for state government programs,” Davids said. “Minnesotans are paying record prices at the pumps, at the supermarket, and for their energy, and yet Governor Dayton still insists on calling for tax hikes.” Davids also noted that Governor Dayton has not been engaged in the conference committee process and is not sharing his likes and dislikes with the Legislature’s budget proposals. “The commissioners sit at the hearings, but they don’t say anything because they’ve been told they can’t speak for the Governor,” Davids said. “We’d prefer to have Governor Dayton give us some input so we can present him bills that he will sign, but to date, he has been unwilling to share his thoughts.” “On behalf of the people of Minnesota, I encourage Governor Dayton to stop throwing in the towel. Growing up in rural Minnesota, I was taught that winners never quit and quitters never win. Governor Dayton, please don’t quit.”