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Tuesday, March 08, 2011
ST. PAUL – State Representative Greg Davids (R-Preston) said that with the Minnesota Legislature’s overwhelming dismissal of Governor Dayton’s balanced budget plan, it’s time for Dayton to offer some serious solutions to Minnesota’s budget woes. “I knew there would be bipartisan opposition to the Governor’s job-killing tax increase plan, but I never would have guessed how strongly the Legislature disliked his idea,” Davids said. In response to Minnesota’s initial budget deficit projection of $6.2 billion, Governor Dayton proposed raising taxes by $4 billion. Davids noted that Dayton’s plan would have raised $4 in new taxes for every 50 cents made in budget cuts. Also under the governor’s proposal, Minnesota would spend $37 billion on state government programs over the next two years, up from $32 billion from the last budget. Davids said that on March 3, every lawmaker was given a chance to vote yes or no on Governor Dayton’s tax increase proposal. Davids said the measure received zero yes votes in the House, and one yes vote in the Senate. “Governor Dayton’s plan has now had its day in the sun,” said Davids, the chairman of the Minnesota House Taxes Committee. “Before unveiling his budget proposal he knew legislative Republicans would not accept any tax increases, yet he went and proposed $4 billion of them. This isn’t a game; this is serious business. It’s time for the Governor to start working with legislative leaders and find common ground on how to control and reduce spending – not protect and expand it.”