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Monday, May 17, 2010
ST. PAUL – Following a brief special session on May 17, the Minnesota’s 2010 Legislative Session came to a close, with lawmakers working until the final hours in order to solve a $3 billion state budget shortfall. State Representative Greg Davids (R-Preston) said he was pleased lawmakers finished the job. “The public wants us to make wise choices,” Davids said. “Though I may not agree with everything in this final compromise with the Governor, the good news is that the budget is balanced for 2010, the state will not run out of funds, and the taxpayers won’t be forced to cough up anymore of their hard earned money.” Davids said the deficit was eliminated through a payment shift for K-12 education, and the temporary ratification of Governor Pawlenty’s previous unallotments. Davids said there will also be an option for the current or next governor to opt-in to the Obamacare federal health program. Earlier in the week, Minnesota’s legislative majority approved a budget bill that would have raised income taxes on the majority of small business owners and farmers across the state. The bill eventually was vetoed by Governor Pawlenty. Davids said he was pleased the majority finally abandoned its continued attempt to increase taxes as a way to solve the deficit. “These continued plans to raise taxes on Minnesotans never have bipartisan support, but always have bipartisan opposition,” Davids said. “Research has shown us that if you take more money out of the private sector and put it into the public sector, you will lose more private sector jobs, and those are the jobs that actually create wealth. Thankfully, Governor Pawlenty stayed true to the taxpayers and forced the majority to negotiate a better deal.”