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Thursday, April 27, 2017

ST. PAUL – State Representative Greg Davids (R-Preston) was recently named as co-chairman of the Minnesota House Omnibus Taxes bill conference committee. A conference committee is called when the Minnesota House and Senate pass similar, but not identical, bills on a particular topic. The goal is for the five representatives and five senators who serve on the committee to craft legislation that can be approved by both bodies.


As a member, Davids said he is fighting for a number of provisions that will benefit residents in southeastern Minnesota.


“We are working very hard to get tax reciprocity in the conference committee report as well as maximum effort loan provisions, not only for Caledonia but other schools around the state,” said Davids, who is the chairman of the Minnesota House Taxes Committee.


Davids noted that he has been working for years on restoring income tax reciprocity with Wisconsin, as more Houston County residents are impacted by lost tax reciprocity than in any other county in the state. The Caledonia School District and the State of Minnesota would also save money through a Davids provision that would allow early repayment of a capital loan.


Farmers would also benefit from a proposal in the House taxes bill that would their financial burden when it comes to paying for school bond referendums. There would also be tax relief for every Main Street business owner in the state through the exemption of the first $200,000 in property value from an extra tax leveled only on businesses.


“We have prioritized middle-class Minnesotans with our taxes bill, and I am confident we will include many of these provisions in the final product that will be approved by the House and Senate, and hopefully Governor Dayton,” Davids concluded.