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RELEASE: Davids introduces bill to reimburse Minnesotans for headaches caused by MNsure incompetence, calls on Governor to take action

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

ST. PAUL, MN—State Representative Greg Davids, R-Preston, co-chair of the MNsure Legislative Oversight Committee, introduced legislation Wednesday to reimburse Minnesotans for inconvenience and headaches as a result of MNsure's inability to produce 1095-A forms for thousands of MNsure customers. With just over three weeks remaining until the April 18 tax deadline, MNsure has yet to produce thousands of tax forms required for MNsure customers in order to file their taxes.

"While I expect the IRS to grant an extension, Minnesotans are owed an apology and deserve to be compensated for the headaches and hassle caused by MNsure's incompetence," Davids said. "Perhaps this legislation will compel MNsure to distribute these forms in a more timely manner moving forward."

Davids' legislation would require MNsure to compensate individuals $10 for each day the 1095-A form was late after February 1, 2016, and $50 per day for each day after April 18th, 2016 if the form is not received until after tax day. Minnesotans would have to apply for compensation no later than December 31, 2016. 100% of the compensation costs would come from MNsure's existing budget.

Davids has submitted two formal requests urging the IRS to grant extensions for those lacking 1095-A forms, and called on Governor Dayton to join his efforts to seek an extension.

"It's becoming increasingly clear that thousands of Minnesotans won't receive the forms they need to file their taxes before tax day," Davids continued. "I urge the Governor to join my efforts to seek an extension for Minnesotans who have not yet received their 1095-A forms and help clean up this mess. It's the same old story once again; Minnesotans are experiencing completely avoidable headaches and hassles as a result of the $300 million MNsure disaster that Governor Dayton and Democrats created."

Davids' bill was referred to the State Government Finance committee.