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Wednesday, October 12, 2005
To the Editor: Last week, two of the three players in the competition to build a new hospital in Maple Grove decided to work together. North Memorial Health Care and Fairview Health Services have pledged to build the hospital together if given approval by the legislature. The hospital would be an 80-bed facility that combines both health care providers' specialties. The northwest metro needs a new hospital and this partnership should make it easier for the legislature to approve one. In the House this year, we approved a bill allowing North Memorial to build the hospital in Maple Grove. Unfortunately, the Senate passed an entirely different version of the bill. The differences in the two bills were just too deep to overcome in a conference committee. Now that North Memorial has a strong partner in Fairview, the Senate should follow suit and approve the new Hospital proposal. The more time that goes by, the more expensive it will be to build a new hospital in Maple Grove. In the now unlikely event of a fall special session of the legislature, the Maple Grove Hospital must be part of that session. If there is no special session this year, we must address this issue soon after the legislature convenes in March. Either way, we can no longer afford to delay. North Memorial and Fairview have presented a proposal that works for the area, we must act. Sincerely, Rep. Lyndon Carlson District 45B -30-
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