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Increasing Financial Burdens on Middle Class is Not a Responsible Budget Solution

Wednesday, March 23, 2011
Saint Paul, Minnesota—Multiple budget bills put forth by House Republicans are arriving at their last stop for consideration before heading to the floor for a final vote. Today, the House Ways and Means committee will hear the Omnibus Tax Bill, which includes a variety of provisions set to dramatically impact Minnesotan's property tax bills. DFL Lead on the House Ways and Means committee, Rep. Lyndon Carlson was particularly concerned with the effect this bill would have on middle class Minnesotans. “For far too long the budget has been balanced on the backs of hard working, middle class families. The cuts laid out in these bills are a continuation of this failed strategy employed for nearly a decade by the Pawlenty administration." Proposed cuts to local government aid in the tax budget will result in a property tax increase of 1.4 billion across the state over the next four years, according to the Minnesota Department of Revenue. Additionally, House Republicans are proposing to repeal renter and homeowner tax credits, only furthering the property tax burden. “Not only do these inflated property taxes affect our middle class, but they will have an impact on our small businesses as well,” Carlson said. “At a time when we should be encouraging the growth of small businesses, proposing bills like these are indicative of misplaced priorities.”
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