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Friday, April 15, 2005
I would like to thank each and every resident that took the time to respond to my recent legislative survey and for sharing their views on issues before the legislature. I am very pleased with the large number of responses and numerous comments. Although the survey was intended to give constituents an opportunity to provide input and was not a scientific survey, I thought you might be interested in receiving a summary of the responses. The following is the breakdown of the results. Representative Lyndon Carlson 2005 Legislative Survey Results 1) The Minnesota Legislature faced a $165 million shortfall last year, this year the deficit is projected to be much larger. What measures would you support to balance the state budget? 37% Raise taxes to maintain current government services 32% Reduce funding to government services 4% Shift burdens to local and county governments 27% Some combination of all three 2) If the Legislature decided to cut programs and services, what areas would you cut first? 6% K-12 Education 16% Higher Education 16% Environment 14% Transit and Transportation 11% Public Safety and Crime Prevention 14% Health and Human Services 25% Aid to state and local governments 3) If the Legislature decided to raise taxes, which taxes should it raise? 38% Income tax 26% Sales tax 36% Fees for services 4) What do you think is the most pressing concern for employers in Minnesota? 16% Available and sufficiently trained/educated workforce 57% Cost of employee health care 6% Reduced property taxes 5% Reduced other taxes 4% Higher-quality transportation system 11% Reduced government regulation 5) What do you think is the most pressing environmental problem facing Minnesota? 16% Air Pollution 27% Water Pollution 22% Loss of wildlife habitat due to development 6% Inadequate wastewater treatment 7% Feedlot pollution 8% Impact of motorized recreation 7% Dependence on nuclear energy (over) 6) Would you support building a new sports stadium for either the Minnesota Twins or the Minnesota Vikings if it were funded entirely by user fees, owner investment, host city taxes and state loans like those used for the Wild Arena? 55% Yes 45% No 7) Do you support a proposal for either a state-owned casino or a casino jointly owned by the state and Indian tribes? 32% Yes, I support a state-owned casino 12% Yes, I support a jointly owned casino 11% No, I do not support a state-owned casino 8% No, I do not support a jointly owned casino 38% I do not support any expansion of gambling in MN 8) What should the state do to address the growing problem of traffic congestion in our area? (check any that apply) 31% Expand the number of lanes on freeways 10% Build toll roads 50% Increase transit options 9% Allow private companies to build toll lanes on existing highways 9) a) Should the state help small businesses provide health insurance to employees? 52% Yes 24% No 24% Not Sure b) Should the state provide subsidies for this? 36% Yes 31% No 33% Not Sure 10) In light of the sluggish economy, do you think the state needs to increase economic development and job creation opportunities? 59% Yes 26% No 15% Don’t know/Unsure Note: This was NOT a scientific poll, but a sampling of constituent opinions. The results are unable to reflect the many thoughtful alternatives, conditions, and additional comments contained in many responses.
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