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Wednesday, February 21, 2007
To the Editor: The House of Representatives recently passed on a legacy to Minnesota's future. By a vote of 123 to 10, we passed legislation requiring 25 percent of Minnesota's electricity come from renewable sources - such as wind and solar - by the year 2025. We are both proud co-authors of this landmark, bi-partisan legislation. The bill benefits nearly everyone in Minnesota. Which is evident given its support from business, labor, environmentalists, the Governor, and an overwhelming majority of state lawmakers. When there is such a diverse coalition, you can be 100-percent sure this legislation moves Minnesota forward. In passing the standard, we reclaimed Minnesota's status as the nation's renewable energy leader. The mandate will bring new jobs to our state. Utility companies will innovate and build a renewable energy infrastructure to meet the standard. It will save us money. As fossil fuel prices become more volatile, dependable and homegrown renewables will shield Minnesota from sticker shock on our utility bills. Ultimately, the renewable energy standard is a step in building a better world for future generations. The more we use renewable energy, the less dependent we become on the foreign sources that threaten our security. Renewable energy helps preserve Minnesota's natural resources by cutting the toxic chemicals emitted by non-renewable sources. Finally, it makes Minnesota a leader in the fight against global climate change. We both look forward to the Governor signing this bill into law, knowing that we have sent him an investment in the future. Sincerely, Lyndon Carlson State Representative Sandra Peterson State Representative Rep. Lyndon Carlson represents Crystal, Robbinsdale, and Golden Valley in the Minnesota House. Rep. Sandra Peterson represents Crystal, New Hope, and Plymouth in the Minnesota House. Both co-authored House File 4, the renewable energy standard. -30-
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